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Duolingo Updates

Is anyone else as annoyed by the new "Health" thing as I am? Before, you could play and miss as much as you wanted. Now you have to have "gems" and "health". This is absolutely stupid.

I strongly advise Duolingo to remove this nonsense. It's making the app into more of a game and less of a language learning program. It's making me not want to use it anymore.

Does anyone else feel this way?

May 31, 2017



I feel the same way. The pay-to-win system completely undermines Duolingo's purpose: to provide free, high-quality education.


horrible, i actually used to think the developers cared about making the world a better place through language. its obvious that they are just looking to make a quick buck. i didnt mind when they started with the ads at the end of the lessons, i get it...ive been using the system for a long time now & know that they need some sort of revenue, but with this new system, its like they are trying to lose customers...news flash...all of the people who were using your ap before the update are upset & now you wont be getting money from their ad support because everyone will stop ising the ap. please change it back, or at least come up with some happy medium. i like learning, not having to PAY to take a TEST and have anxiety about FAILING if i make just 1 more mistake. way to take the fun right out of learning. shameful...


I don't think it is to make a quick buck - or at least if that is their intention, then they are going to be broke - to make money you have to provide something people will want to use - these changes coupled with the old quirks and bugs are clearly making people less likely to use the app, or else find ways around the health system ;)


Same feeling. It is very easy to make mistakes when you're learning a new language. With old mechanism, if you made a mistake, you just need more exercises to pass, which is very clever. With this new mechanism, I need to double check my answer with Google Translate in case I make any mistake, which makes this learning process very painful. However, thank god I can still use old mechanism on Web.


I really don't like the "health" thing. It's not motivating because you're limited to how much you can do before you have to pay to continue. The gems though, I'm not really bothered about since I never really used my ingots but its still annoying because everything more expensive.


I think this new feature is to prevent learners from binge learning. Duolingo has said binge learning is bad for learning languages. This brings up a new issue, now they are telling you how to learn. I think it's best if they scrap this feature.


Crap wife has had this for 2/3 months she doesnt play, I had the old version till hour or so ago and so not liking this :/


I think this is just in A/B testing because I don't have it yet (thank goodness). I think they're just seeing how people respond and going from there. However, I'm sure that if they implement this, a lot of people (including myself) will leave.


I'm already tempted to leave lol. I love learning Hebrew, but this system is terrible.


I can't imagine having to quit trying to learn Hebrew after 5 wrong answers.


Does anyone know if this is strictly affecting people with the most recent app? I've kept mine un-updated specifically to avoid some of the nasty things people have been saying. So far so good on Android, but really hoping I can avoid the gem system if possible.


You're safe on Android (for now). it doesn't have it yet. it's iOS only and I think it's an A/B test so only part of the iOS users have it (it's the one time Android users can be happy Duo takes a while until they take the iOS stuff to Android. People who mostly use the web can be even happier, since according to Luis they have no plans at the moment to bring it to the web)


Use the desktop then. The mobile app is garbage.


Just a question, since I'm using Android and we don't have it yet: Is there this health system when you start learning a language as well, or only for re-visiting/strengthening?


What they have in the iOS app is a screen with 5 health bars, you lose one per mistake and it is only for new lessons, strengthening lessons is possible to do at all times without losing "Health" when making mistakes. So the new system supports a style of learning with very slow progress and makes it difficult to rush through the tree (many of us have done that earlier, then gone back to strenghtening)


Thanks for your answer! Well, that sounds terrible. If this comes to web, I'll leave Duo. :/


Fortunately they have said it won't be on the web version. I'm glad to hear that.


The health system works on lessons and does not apply to practice. You can regain any lost health by doing some global practice (so you can still do Duolingo non-stop, just not advance through lessons if you are making too many mistakes)


Hi Cymro91! If you want to learn more about the why and how for these changes (currently only on iOS and not affecting web users), we have been trying to clarify many questions (and clear up some misunderstandings) in a mega-post, to keep it manageable: Gems and Health FAQ -- if your questions are not answered there, please add to that thread. =]


Lost of health acts like the test out feature on lessons you need to learn when it stops you from finishing a lesson because you run out of health. Test out is good for figuring if you know a area of the language but should not happen when you are trying to learn something you do not know.


How do I log out in this new update?


Yes and I want the clubs to continue as they give us an authentic purpose for using our Spanish.


if you got to pay dont play

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