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Glitch made me lose my streak

I had a 390 day streak yesterday (and a screenshot to prove it) and now this afternoon logging on to Duolingo I now have no streak. I Don't understand what's going on and I am very frustrated. Apparently the site is taking away points or lessons that I did and I have recorded proof. It did this on Saturday and Monday and I do not know why. I have daily screenshots (kind of how I celebrate.) I do not want to lose my streak through no fault of my own. Someone please let me know what I can do to maintain it without starting over since I did nothing wrong.

Here are the screenshots as proof: http://imgur.com/gallery/IRWex

May 31, 2017



I've heard you can pay a few dollars to keep a long streak in place. I don't really have any idea, but if you do get your streak back, you should make sure to always have a streak freeze equipped, even if you think you won't need it.


You can pay ten bucks to repair streak, but only on ios.


So through no fault of my own I'm supposed to Shell out $10? really?


I did have a streak freeze equipped.


Good idea with the streak freeze. I will consider it for myself!

However, surely the very fact that you had a 390 day streak in your language must mean you're really good at it now, and this fact nobody can take away from you. :)

What is the advantage of having a really long streak?


Does something happen with your tree if your streak disappears? Just asking since I'm new to this... (I'm on day 5 in total).


No. Your tree is fine. Over time though you'll have to redo lessons to keep up with them being fresh.


I've discovered that already! :)


Same thing happened to me in April. I lost 38 days of streak for no reason.

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