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I love Duolingo

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I have been on and off Duolingo for a while now, the only reason I haven't been on it as much lately is due to study commitments.

But I just wanted to come here and say... Duolingo, I love you!

Please keep up the good work, I know there are some people not happy with certain things that are getting implemented (and maybe some of the unhappiness is justifiable) but I understand that you have costs to cover and running an amazing website/app is not cheap! So please, do whatever you have to do to be sustainable and to continue giving the world free access to language learning! Keep experimenting, innovating, come up with an amazing idea, and we will all be behind you.

Because if there ever was a subscription only MANDATORY implementation on Duolingo (i.e. pay $5 a month for every user), then me, and I am sure many many people around the world... particularly the less affluent parts of the world, will just not use Duolingo. We wont switch to an alternate language website or app. We would just stop learning languages. Which I know is not what you want.

-So adding ads on Duolingo? Fine by me. -Changing Lingots to diamonds or whatever they are? Fine by me. -Changing the 3 hearts to unlimited tries to one single line heart with a timer restriction? Fine by me. -Making a paid subscription OPTION for people that want none of the above and want things as they were? Very fine by me. -Anything else that you need to do? Fine by me.

But please please please please please, continue allowing Duolingo to stay free. I would never have ever touched the languages I am learning now if it wasn't for you.

Thank you. Obrigado. Gracias. Grazie. Благодарам. Danke. Merci! Спасибо.

PS. Having said all of the above, Duolingo, please respond to my language incubator request and let me make a Macedonian course. ;)

May 31, 2017



I would rate it 10 out 10 it's so awesome!


We love you too, Pece. Messages like yours bring light to our little days. <3

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