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  5. "A clean gown"

"A clean gown"

Translation:Gauni safi

May 31, 2017



kanza and gauni both have gown as optional interpretation. either should be allowed.

[deactivated user]

    Since the beginning of this section kanzu has been robe and gauni = gown. The inconsistencies are far too numerous


    What is Kanzu???? Gown is Gauni


    In Duolingo, "Kanzu" is translated "gown" or "robe". A kanzu is a white or cream colored tunic-type garment that hangs to the ankles or floor. It is traditionally worn by men. It has it's origins among the Arabs, who first introduced it to East Africa.


    And is a gauni not a gown? What about a long dress -- would that be a gauni?


    This should be updated. There are other mistakes in this section. It seems like it should be easy to do...


    Gauni safi is incorrect?


    Duo has me conditioned to usually answering "kanzu" for "gown", yet several examples back, I was told I had to choose "gauni" which Duo usually prompts when it wants "dress." So, showing I can keep up with Duo's capriciousness, I responded "gauni" to this example. Nope, It wants "kanzu." I KNOW there's a difference between the two but the phrases have no way of telling which is meant and "gauni" and "kanzu" should both be accepted. This is getting to be almost as much headache as the exact wording Duo wants for "kanga" -- wrap, cotton wrap, or light cotton wrap -- each showing up as the only acceptable answer on occasion. Just keep reporting, folks, and hopefully, the consistency problems will be resolved.

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