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The Story to Your User Name

What's the meaning behind your user name? How does it relate to you?

OK, here is mine. It's pretty short.

Mine is X_Ravenclaw_X because I'm in Ravenclaw on Pottermore. The X's are there because Ravenclaw was already taken.

May 31, 2017



The DQ at the end of my name does NOT stand for the "Dairy Queen" brand, contrary to popular belief, lol! It stands for my nickname, Drama Queen, as I do lots of theater. I've been on the stage since I was about 3 years old, doing all types of theater from comedies to tragedies to Greek tragedy and Shakespeare. My favorite though is musical theater!


wow, that is SO cool!! :D :D :D


If Gryffindor didn't have Harry Potter in it, I'd be all about Ravenclaw.

Mine is just my name. I am a simple man.


Mines because I'm always hungry and can eat a lot.


Mine was because I was role playing a balance druid on World of Warcraft mainly at the time I made this account, and I thought LunarMagic sounded better than SolarMagic, StellarMagic, or NatureMagic.


Mine was first my real name (now i dont feel like having it as my username),then i made it "pomeranian" cuz i like dogs (I like shiba Inus more now) And now it's ...Naruto... because Naruto was taken,.naruto. and others and i like naruto (ITS THE FRICKIN BEST)


I like Naruto too!


oh, I don't really know.

I mean, I wanted MarylinMonroe, or NormaJean, since back then in 2014 I rather liked the actress, but those were already taken.
so I said to myself, what sounds really cool, but is short and not too long?
and this is what I came up with --Double100.



Mine is Snotgirl because I'm a girl and I tally Madison Bumgarner's snotrockets.


Vand is Danish for water. I think water is very important to me.

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