"I remember you."

Translation:Tôi nhớ bạn.

May 31, 2017

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I think, the mean of this sentence is "tôi nhớ ra bạn"


Đúng vậy ! Câu này là "nhớ ra" (remember) chứ không phải "nhớ thương" (miss).


Remember and miss are the same word nhớ?


Yes. It's weird, right?


The way I look at it, "nhớ" just means "remember". In English, we say we miss something or someone because it's not part of our lives anymore. It's lacking in our lives. In Vietnamese, they instead say they remember something or someone from before. Recalling fond memories.

So literally speaking, "tôi nhớ bạn" = "I remember you" and that can be true. However, in a different context "tôi nhớ bạn" can mean "I miss you". Therefore, both answers ("miss" and "remember") should both be accepted since there is no context.

Isn't that beautiful though? I feel that "tôi nhớ bạn" has a more positive tone than "I miss you" =)


I think "miss" would be more correct - no one says "I remember you".


Since nhớ can mean both 'to miss' and 'to remember/to recall' it could technically mean both.


People do say "I remember you". It's more frequent than you think. I say "I remember you" a lot because my job requires me to meet lots of people and recalling who they are. Both "I remember you" and "I miss you" should be accepted answers.


What do you mean i am MrBeast

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