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  5. "Він обіцяв мені золоті гори."

"Він обіцяв мені золоті гори."

Translation:He promised me the moon.

May 31, 2017



But what duolingo is asking for here is not a literal translation of the english idiom, but the idiom in Ukrainian that has a similar implication. I don't this particular lesson has been designed that well for this reason, despite the rest of the course being excellent.


Yeah, this threw me off at first. I was expecting actual Ukrainian idioms, like, "the party will happen when the lobster whistles on the mountain," not "when hell freezes over." Translating the Ukrainian idiom into an English idiom with a similar meaning but completely different words is confusing. the example I just gave uses the English idiom "when hell freezes over" as the translation, but that's not literally what the Ukrainian words mean.


I think literal translations should be allowed as I've never even heard of this idiom in English before.


What is місяць?


The literal translation of "He promised me the moon" would be "Він обіцяв мені місяць". But the English phrase is an idiom, so the more correct way to translate it is to use a Ukrainian idiom with the same meaning.


It has two meanings. Can either be "moon"- as in a naturally occuring planetary satellite, or can be "month"- similar to the english phrase "many moons" to correspond with lunar phases.

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