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I finished the German skill-tree and reached 365 days! :)

Der 31.05.2017

Hello everyone,

I changed my name from Bismarck2302 into Dschaeson2302.

It is really a coincidence, that those 2 special events take place on the same day.

I would like to thank all of you, whether you are a moderator, German native-speaker, non-native German speaker for helping me answering through this one struggling year and for keeping me strong enough to finish all the lessons.

Nevertheless, Duolingo is just the beginning of mastering the German language. Therefore, I am currently doing the German reversed skill-tree. You can see all my activities that I've been doing for a year down below.

Here is what I am going to do next upon continuing to learn German:
1. Read German magazines
2. Use TinyCards for learning the German slang
3. Making poems (if it is possible right now)
4. Reach level 25

Since I have finished the German skill-tree, I would like to reward one of my club members to become the administrator of my club (current name: Otto von Bismarck, club code: X7YB3P). I hope that he can took care of the club. That means, I'm leaving my club and I am now the administrator of the German reversed skill-tree (current name: DaF, club code: MRQP53).

Here are some of my data:

  • Number of pictures saved as screenshots: 376
  • Number of documents saved as notes: 32
  • Last quiz taken: 5.00/5.00
  • Fluency: 59%
  • Total amount of lingots: 1099
  • User of Duolingo since: 2014-10-09 -Learning German with Duolingo since: +/- 6 May 2016 until 31 May 2017

These are all the activities I've been doing upon learning German (Duolingo is included):

  1. Tinycards
  2. Memrise
  3. Clozemaster
  4. DW Top-Thema
  5. yourdailygerman
  6. My German textbook from Goethe Institut
  7. Reading books/novels in the library
  8. Practice reading, listening and writing using the book I've borrowed from the library
  9. Listening to Radio DLF
  10. Watch documentaries and read news in DW
  11. If you don't know, then ASK for help

(Note: If you do all of those, it might bring you to level B1 :) )

And here are the historical posts I've made:

I guess that is all :). Anyway, I finished the tree in the middle of my final exam days. I won't be here for a long time and I hope I still can see this tomorrow. Just never give up in learning a language. The hard work will be paid off.

Best wishes,


Dschäson Putra

May 31, 2017



Congrats man ! It has been a pleasure following you, learning from your contributions and questions here and to notice your improvement ! I wish I had the time and willpower to improve as fast as you. Take it easy and good luck. :)

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30/03/2018, sexta-feira às 12h18min (Fortaleza-Ce, Brasil)

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Me aguarde! kkkkkk


I think it is little bit too much to say that you have to do all of what you have been doing just to get to B1. I can freely say that when I was done with my german tree I was on B1 (without doing all those other things which you did. I was only using Memrise and watching movies on german as an addition to Duolingo). And just expanding your knowledge more and more with all those methods which you use can easily make you B2 or more (of course if you are dedicated enough).

Btw: thank you for sharing your sources. I did not know about Clozemaster. I will try it out.

Good luck with your finals :)


Great! Keep it up!


Congratulations! A really good effort has rewarded a really good prize :D


that is amazing!! great job and good luck!!!



Man lernt nie aus.

Weitermachen so


Thanks for the link bro, I liked very much the tiny cards which I had never seen a link on DL before, Memrise I tried and was good, Clozemaster is ok but the voice reproducing text is a robot, still ok for practicing vocabulary. Daily German looks friendly, I will maybe post back with my experience. Here is a lingot for your trouble!

[deactivated user]

    It's great, congrats man :)


    Have you tried Rosetta Stone to learn German with more depth?


    Congratulations! :-)


    Hearty Congratulations and all the best.


    Congratulations. That is quite an achievement as it is a huge tree. Thank you also for all those references. I will certainly check them out.


    Congratulations Jason. Only been a member of your club for a short while, but hit my own 200 day streak over the weekend. Good luck with your future efforts. I'm thinking of going down the Goethe Institut route myself once I've finished my own tree, so would be good to hear how you get on. I don't really understand the whole Lingot thing (how it works or what they're for), but have one anyway!

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