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  5. "Aunt Toma is over there."

"Aunt Toma is over there."

Translation:Тітка Тома там.

May 31, 2017



Would "is over there", "over there" and "there" all be just там? Sounds simple...


"There" and "over there" can be translated as там. Same as там, он там, ось там can be translated as "there". Or "over there". All of them are more or less interchangeable.

And about "is over there" and "over there": since we skip "to be" in present tense i.e. we say Тітка Тома там rather than Тітка Тома є там, it's ambiguous from the point of view of translating to English whether it means "Aunt Toma there" or "Aunt Toma is there"


So.theres no difference between "is there" and "over there" with там? .-.


What's the difference between "there" and "over there" in English?.. If the second one is more like pointing or waving in the direction of the thing, that would be "ось/он там", with он giving a more "far away" feeling.


when I say there, it is almost exactly the place and when i say over is an aprox. of the place, however you need to look for it. there for i think that it shoul be a way to say,

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