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Timed practice has become immensely inefficient with new updates

Following recent updates the new strengthening system seems really broken for timed practice. Specifically, you have to finish the session in time or it doesn't count towards strengthening AT ALL. I just practiced a pretty basic skill and got 17 right when I timed out on the final question. While I got the 17 points (out of 20), it tells me I still need to practice that skill. But when I do it's almost the exact same stuff I did during timed practice, almost all of which I got right. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

May 31, 2017



no. i often just do two or three questions and still get the skill guilded. Though it's probably better to do more as the skill will deteriorate again quickly like that.


Sometimes I only manage to answer 2 or 3 before the time runs out and nevertheless I do get some strengthening, sometimes I score 19/20 and do not get any improvement. Several times I didn't get anything when I beat the clock and all the answers were correct or quasi. So, you never know...


Yes, I feel the same. In general, things seem to be taking a turn for the worst but let's see...

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