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Hearts and gems - Good or Bad?


Just a question. Why do Duolingo have to have hearts now and health? I feel much more pressed to every time answer right, because if you don't then you can lose all your hearts and gems. Then you can't study languages until like three hours forward in time. I feel as this is a very bad update. Instead of having hearts you could come up with other things that you can buy with your lingots or gems. Please change this! Like/share this or whatever to make Duolingo see that they need to change this, if you think like me ofcourse.

If you don't share my opinion (you want hearts) then you can dislike this. Hope you guys are on my side atleast.

May 31, 2017



Then you can't study languages until like three hours forward in time.

You can't do new lessons. You can, however, review - and you'll earn health back quickly by doing reviews.


Thanks for the response! I hadn't actually noticed that you also get health back by doing training, then that is a kind of pain relief, but I am still not all for this new update. But thanks for the tip.


Go to the iPhone app store rate Duo low with a comment on hating health. Hopefully if they get enough negative feedback they will discontinue the madness. In the meantime you can access the website from your iPhone it's not ideal but there is no health system there yet


You could always use the android app, or the desktop. You should use the desktop anyway, it's not crappy like the mobile app.


Hey there HenrikWeimer! Like Lrtward said, it is worth noting that "You can't do -new- lessons. You can, however, review - and you'll earn health back quickly by doing reviews." We have been trying to clarify many questions (and clear up some misunderstandings) in a mega-post, to keep it manageable: Gems and Health FAQ -- please join =]


Yes, thank you. But a question can't you like make it so that you don't lose hearts in other languages if you lose it in an other. So if you lose hearts in french you don't lose them in portuguese for example. Also can you like see if Duolingo users get better at their target language after the update with hearts? It would be useful to know


I despise the hearts system, and refuse to use the app unless the web version isn't loading. Punishing people for making mistakes is terrible pedagogy.


I don't like the hearts system because it punishes mistakes quickly. I wrote something about this recently. Honestly, I don't care about the gems part except that you have the opportunity to pay for more -- a waste of money.


I like the heart system. So as you used "can" I think you are not asking for a dislike obligatorily, so I haven't given you one.


I have now bought plus, which is great, but part of this is winning double gems. I now have so many gems I don't know what to do with them. What can I spend my gems on? I have infinite lives, all of the costumes and a streak freeze. Seems strange getting more gems on plus as you actually don't need them any more! Have I missed something I could be spending gems on?


I was wondering why I kept losing gems when I miss an answer. I can understand losing a heart, but gems used to not be affected. Did they update Duolingo to take away gems too when you lose a heart?

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