Adverbs error

Refuses to become golden after repeated repetitions.

Anyone else with this problem?

Doing french.


March 20, 2014


Hi! We're looking into this on our side. We've received some reports about this from the community. I'll write an update after we take a closer look.

Unfortunately, the problem with Adverbs 2 not showing as completed (golden) despite repetitions to strengthen it still exists. I just tried again today, 11June2014, careful to finish the "strengthen" lesson with 3 hearts remaining, and the icon still shows that Adverbs 2 is not golden.

Excusé moi: Adverbs 2.

Try reloading the page, or logging out and back in.

Also, this would be better suited to the "troubleshooting" section. You can move it there by clicking edit and choosing "Troubleshooting" from the dropdown menu.

Thank you, I'll try it now.

Reloaded the page, logged in and out. Didn't fix the issue. Do you mean I have to repeat it one more time and then it goes golden?

I just meant that sometimes the site doesn't update immediately.
I don't know how much you've practiced the skill. If it was down to nothing, it could take 40-60 correct questions to make it golden. Or it could just be a glitch.

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