"Ea înota spre insula cea mare."

Translation:She was swimming towards the big island.

May 31, 2017

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Funny this TTS, with that "insùla"... luckily the sentance is not "ea înota spre insùla mea" >:P


What is the difference between (1) "Ea înota spre insula cea mare. " and (2) "Ea înota spre insula mare. " In other words, what is the function of the "cea" here?


Ea inota spre insula cefa mare means she was swimming to THAT big island and ea inota spre inula mare means she was swimming to the big island. "Cea"shows that in the proposition we are talking about a specific island, not any island


Is it not the purpose of using the definite article "a"?


I'm fairly certain I've seen a native speaker say that it doesn't make sense to use the definitive with an adjective. Like "the big island" doesn't make sense, but "the island that is big" does. My mind is blanking out on an example in English that would parallel this "but it makes sense in my language!" sort of thing, but I know they definitely exist.

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