"Eu nu voiam lampa ta!"

Translation:I did not want your lamp!

May 31, 2017



Not much different in English, but different in Romanian, actually the sentence is more like "I was not wanting your lamp" (which I tried and it was rejected). The given translation would be in Romanian "Eu nu am vrut lampa ta". There is a semantic difference, in spite of the fact that we do not have those "continuous forms", but we are more rigurous with when the action started (if it did) and when it/will finish/ed, for all combinations corespond different verbal times.

May 31, 2017


Yes, but "I was not wanting your lamp" is bad English and the meaning it would convey is covered by "I did not want your lamp". "I did not use to want your lamp" is okay.

December 11, 2018
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