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Lingots to gems: how does the math work here?

First of all, down with the health system. It's hardly an improvement.

Second, I have 1616 lingots, which were converted to 2100 gems. Isn't the math a bit off? There's absolutely no chance of this being proportional.

What's the logic behind this conversion?


May 31, 2017



Don't forget to downvote in the iPhone app store and use the website if possible


Also, I think you mean Health, not Hearts. Hearts was an old system from a while ago (you can still see it when testing out though).


Yeah, that's what I meant. Thank you.


Nothing official .... but it looks like they round down to the nearest 50, then add 500.

This is the same patten I have seen again and again. (For existing users)

I only remember one exception, and that may have been a misunderstanding.


That's accurate for me! Good math!


What are these gems and hearts?


I think the OP means Health, rather than Hearts.

Gems are the new virtual currency being A/B tested in iOS.


I'll try but you're better off with himnicholson's explanation.

So let's set up a proportion so 1616 over 2100 which simplified to 404/525. So now let's divide 404 to 525 which is approx. ≈ 0.7695.

Now lets round 0.7695 to the nearest hundredth so it would be 0.77. This is not accurate but for every Gem it is worth 0.77 of a lingot ?

I don't know you're better off with a different explanation. I'm probably wrong and nowhere near the actual maths but this is my way.


The problem is that when people were reporting (that they had been converted) there seemed to be a variable exchange rate. Plotting the values out, gave the formula I mentioned earlier.

Edit: By variable, I mean varied with the amount Lingots.


I really don’t know.

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