I loved Duolingo, now I want to give it up due to the new changes.

Since last year there have been updates to Duolingo that are pretty much a DEALBREAKER for me.

I can handle the ocassional ad when I finish a section but this stuff about energy points or credits or whatever they are, that cause you to get an ended session if you make a few mistakes is a complete turn off. I don't power back up, I won't buy more credits, I won't use existing credits. So if I time out, I quit for the day.

Before I could actually learn, and spend as much time as I wanted reinforcing my learning. No longer. It simply SUCKS with this mistake tracking and lock out function. Learning has become "DON'T make any mistakes!!!" No, that's not learning, that is continual high stakes testing. And it's backwards re: good teaching and learning.

Also, the speak into function to repeat works nowhere near as good as it used to. It takes a long time, and a lot of the time it doesn't recognize what I say.

Duolingo you've nearly ruined the experience, and as I say these changes, especially this credit thingy is a deal breaker. I do have other options for learning a language, and while I was going to continue with other languages by way of Duolingo, or to use it to reinforce my current other language ability, I now doubt that I will use the Duolingo app for them.

I appeal to you to switch this stuff back to the way it was.

May 31, 2017


It seems that most users receive the newest "features" negatively. Some users are very bothered by the health system and new gem currency while others are having the daily de-strengthening of categories that causes most beginner words to cycle through the main "strengthen skills" option and monetizing this by adding a new item in the store to make the categories golden/gilded for 30 days.

This makes me think that they're currently conducting an A/B test that will determine which option is more viable in monetizing duolingo (assumptions further strengthened by this post: So we might see one of these "features" to be implemented in the near future (I sincerely hope not).

Either way, if any of these are implemented, there might be a decrease in user activity in this site on the long-run.

I just hope they don't go with the "Apple's no earphones plug and call it an 'innovation'" route, 'cuz, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. -not hating on Apple though.

June 1, 2017

Yes. I completely agree. I changed my review to 1 star in the app store. Duolingo, your new system sucks and does not promote learning in anyway. You're turning into a micro-transaction app instead of a learning app. I hate your changes, and I hate the direction your company is going. And if you continue like this, you'll just be another EA. You're caring more about the $$$ instead of your audience.

December 5, 2017

I find it very annoying too - could be a dealbreaker for me too. The point of learning is that you learn from your mistakes. If I make too many mistakes and get locked out that means that I can do three things - 1. Pay the required amount (NEVER) 2. Wait it out - it seems to restore itself after a few days (WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT!) 3. Check all my answers on another app/dictionary so that I don't make mistakes (THAT WILL SURELY ENCOURAGE ME TO MOVE OFF DUOLINGO AND AGAIN - WHAT'S THE POINT DUOLINGO?) I know candy crush saga used to expect you to either pay or wait 3 days to move to another level. Guess what? They removed that feature. So wise up Duolingo. You have to make it fun and easy or people will give it up. I understand the necessity to make money out of the app but this one is a negative step if your intention is to teach language. People learn from their mistakes!

June 2, 2017
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