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Heinzs Bruder or Heinz' Bruder?

My textbook says that, for possessive proper nouns, you use an apostrophe if the noun ends in -s. Is this also true when the noun ends in -z?

May 31, 2017



The apostroph is used for names ending in s, ss, ß, tz, z and x, so it's "Heinz' Bruder", "Marx' Werk", "Grass' Romane". Thanks for asking, I didn't know this and just looked it up in the Duden ;)


Thank you! Is ß not the same as ss? I was told you can write it either way.


ß gets written as ss when you do not have a ß-key, but its not the same. A ss should be spoken with a short vowel, while a ß doesnt get spoken with a short vowel.

If you hear the words Straße and Trasse, you will notice the difference of the a.


Mostly. There are special rules when to use which. While there is no ß in Swiss German, we others still use it. If you have no ß on your keyboard then ss will do

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