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Progress Quiz

So I would like to try out the progress quiz, seeing that it might be gone soon, but I have a few questions. 1. Will it test me on everything I have covered, or just the golden skills? 2. Will I need to take it as soon as I buy it? Or will I be able to use it anytime? 3. How many questions are there? 4. What type of questions is it? (Listening, writing, reading, etc) 5. Is it timed?

Thanks in advance!!!! :-) Happy Duolingo-ing!!!!


May 31, 2017



It will test you on all the skills you've completed, regardless of their strength. You will enter it as soon as you buy it, it's a one time test (although you can buy more than one), it takes about 20 minutes and is not timed. Pretty much all the questions are translation from spanish to english or vice versa. Here's some lingots to help you buy it, good luck and have fun!


As far as I know it tests you on ALL skills, not only completed ones, but all skills that exist in the tree.


Thanks so much for your help and the lingots!!!!!!


i would like to take a progress quiz but i cannot find that option on either my ipad or my computer version of duolingo


I think it has been removed on the newer website.

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