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Japanese for Android Rollout Starting Today!

Happy week, everyone!


We are now starting to slowly roll out Japanese for Android. This rollout starts out small, to a tiny percentage of users, and increases each day until we reach 100%. We do this slowly to make sure the latest app version works smoothly for everybody and all their Android devices, and nothing breaks.

When does the course reach 100% of Android users? Well, if all goes as planned, we will release to more and more users each day, and it should reach the last users by the middle of next week [edit: we needed to make an adjustment, it is possible it takes until the end of the week to reach everyone]. Please make sure you keep an eye in the forum for updates, and the other eye out for updates in the play store, as the new course will only appear if you update the app to the newest version.

We are telling you now because we are very excited and wanted to give you any update we have. Since some of you will start seeing it as early as today, we did not want to wait until the released was fully out to tell you what to expect this and next week. We hope you enjoy, and as you start learning, you can also share resources, feedback, and tips in the Japanese Forum.

Meanwhile, we can’t recommend this enough: check out Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and other miscellaneous Japanese culture, food and language decks (to mention a few) on Tinycards while you wait. While waiting or going through the course, share your favorite Tinycards find, or start creating and sharing your own supplemental decks with this community that is very eager to learn and teach Japanese!


May 31, 2017



Duolingo, I love you guys dearly, and I am so so so excited for this. It's a truly momentous feat to bring Japanese to the app, with its complex writing system, and I congratulate and thank you for it.

Just some constructive feedback though, and I know others will say this too but - when people are so excited for something you're rolling out, I think it's important you communicate clearly and 100% accurately. For instance, many of us waited for May 18 for months, and then were quite shocked when it wasn't rolled out right away on Android. I can't help but think this is a bit similiar - you said "1-2 weeks", and it turns out to be "1-2 weeks for a small set of you, but hopefully 1-3 weeks for everyone". It's a relatively minor deal, but I know you're striving to be the best.

Again, thank you, congratulations, and keep on rocking!


Agreed, communication is ironically not a forte at a language company.

It would have been much better had they announced "18 May for iOS, Android within a couple of weeks and web a fair bit later" rather than just "18 May". You see, there are features that arrived on iOS probably 2 years ago and which were promised on Android (and on the web) "soon" and which we are still waiting for, so when non iOS users see themselves being excluded again, we tend to think "soon" means "never".

Just be up-front about these things and many more people will be understanding; of course there will still be some who are upset, but you can't please everyone.

On Android, still waiting for : Characters during exercises (not just the owl saying don't worry about mistakes), Tinycards and Bots - so we assumed that Japanese would be added to that list.


There was a bug we caught right before sending it out, so it delayed the initial rollout a little bit. The tricky part about giving exact dates for Android is the rollout system and the eventual bug we need to squish, as was the case. Btw, thanks for the kind way you wrote your feedback, that was pretty great to read. =]


How do you choose who gets access to it? Does it go by how long people have used Doulingo? or by how long ago they clicked the notify me button? I ask, because my brother has access to the cores, but I still don't. Just wondering what factored into that.


Yes maybe for 1-2 week, it would have been nice to wait for a common release day.


Since I use Duolingo pretty much only on the website, I can't wait for it. Any ETA?


No ETA at the moment :( I'm the same way, but have actually been enjoying Japanese on the Android app because... typing in Japanese is difficult, and the app exercises are enjoyable.


In the mean time you can always create a Japanese account and learn English on it. That's what I've been doing, but you do need a lot of prior knowledge on the language before hand though


Thanks for the information!! :-)

Btw, does the Android app now have Health? I've stopped autoupdating it for now...

Edit: I see that "HelpfulDuo" has just answered my question here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22874501...

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I have the android app and it is with lingots as usual. I think the Health version is only for iOS for now


It's only for iOS. Anyway, you should be using the desktop version. It's not garbage like the mobile apps.

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great! Apparently I'm not one of the lucky ones who got it today but this is good news!

thank you, I'll keep an eye on Google play


Thanks for the update! I... don't really think this is what anyone was expecting when we were told the timeframe wasn't changing, and now it could be another week or more for some of us, but stuff happens and it's absolutely better to know than not to know. I appreciate you keeping us in the loop, especially when this particular topic has tempers flaring and it can't be fun to be in the line of fire.

Here's hoping all of us here are among the lucky ones who don't have to wait long- I've about had it with having to look at my old iPhone for, uh, pretty much anything. Again, thanks for keeping us posted and here's hoping for a smooth rollout.


Thanks magidrakee! This will be super smooth, I can sense it!


I can't wait for Japanese to be on beta for the web version I'm starting to love duolingo already because they got Japanese


I would recommend a cushion for all that waiting you will definitely have to do :( I'd much rather they focused on web version rather than on the apps, tbh

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