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Japanese for Android Rollout Starting Today!

Happy week, everyone!


We are now starting to slowly roll out Japanese for Android. This rollout starts out small, to a tiny percentage of users, and increases each day until we reach 100%. We do this slowly to make sure the latest app version works smoothly for everybody and all their Android devices, and nothing breaks.

When does the course reach 100% of Android users? Well, if all goes as planned, we will release to more and more users each day, and it should reach the last users by the middle of next week [edit: we needed to make an adjustment, it is possible it takes until the end of the week to reach everyone]. Please make sure you keep an eye in the forum for updates, and the other eye out for updates in the play store, as the new course will only appear if you update the app to the newest version.

We are telling you now because we are very excited and wanted to give you any update we have. Since some of you will start seeing it as early as today, we did not want to wait until the released was fully out to tell you what to expect this and next week. We hope you enjoy, and as you start learning, you can also share resources, feedback, and tips in the Japanese Forum.

Meanwhile, we can’t recommend this enough: check out Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and other miscellaneous Japanese culture, food and language decks (to mention a few) on Tinycards while you wait. While waiting or going through the course, share your favorite Tinycards find, or start creating and sharing your own supplemental decks with this community that is very eager to learn and teach Japanese!


May 31, 2017



Duolingo, I love you guys dearly, and I am so so so excited for this. It's a truly momentous feat to bring Japanese to the app, with its complex writing system, and I congratulate and thank you for it.

Just some constructive feedback though, and I know others will say this too but - when people are so excited for something you're rolling out, I think it's important you communicate clearly and 100% accurately. For instance, many of us waited for May 18 for months, and then were quite shocked when it wasn't rolled out right away on Android. I can't help but think this is a bit similiar - you said "1-2 weeks", and it turns out to be "1-2 weeks for a small set of you, but hopefully 1-3 weeks for everyone". It's a relatively minor deal, but I know you're striving to be the best.

Again, thank you, congratulations, and keep on rocking!


Agreed, communication is ironically not a forte at a language company.

It would have been much better had they announced "18 May for iOS, Android within a couple of weeks and web a fair bit later" rather than just "18 May". You see, there are features that arrived on iOS probably 2 years ago and which were promised on Android (and on the web) "soon" and which we are still waiting for, so when non iOS users see themselves being excluded again, we tend to think "soon" means "never".

Just be up-front about these things and many more people will be understanding; of course there will still be some who are upset, but you can't please everyone.

On Android, still waiting for : Characters during exercises (not just the owl saying don't worry about mistakes), Tinycards and Bots - so we assumed that Japanese would be added to that list.


Some very fair points- I agree that missing features and poor communication in the past are definitely good cause for Android users to be worried, and I said I'd believe "1-2 weeks" when I saw it... and, well, I probably won't see it, but it sounds like we'll be close at the very least, haha.

But after being forced to spend time in the iOS app because of this whole mess, I'll say this much... I don't really envy it as much as I used to. Like, at all. For once I hope the changes happening there stay put and don't come to Android anytime soon if ever!


Yes, please please do it this way :D


There was a bug we caught right before sending it out, so it delayed the initial rollout a little bit. The tricky part about giving exact dates for Android is the rollout system and the eventual bug we need to squish, as was the case. Btw, thanks for the kind way you wrote your feedback, that was pretty great to read. =]


I'd rather you be much more conservative about launch dates. That's a win-win, you don't get people's hopes up, and you can impress people when you occasionally exceed the target date.

Virtually all the courses ever launched, at least the ones I've seen for English learners, have dragged on WAAAAAY past the estimated launch dates, and many were launched without full audio or even any audio.

I think making more conservative launch dates would go a long way towards making people feel better about the site. It's like, I've run two businesses and I've learned that it's always better to over-deliver than under-deliver. Happy clients are great for everyone, and they're great PR and often they'll deliver lots more people in the future!


You are right, we tend to be honest when talking about plans and not add cushions, and maybe we should. I would like to add that the estimated course dates are automatically generated based on Incubator activity and how long it has taken to do get a particular point in the development.


If they're automatically generated by an algorithm, then the algorithm clearly could be improved.

Why not adjust the algorithm based on actual hard data that you have, about past launch dates? This wouldn't be too hard to do...for example you could look at the indicators of activity in past courses, and do some sort of regression to make a predictive model of the launch date. Then maybe go with the conservative bound or something and you could make the algorithm estimate dates in such a way that 80% of courses would launch on-time.

If this is too much effort, just make a lazy adjustment to the algorithm that'll make it coarsely in line with launch dates.


What about the Korea course saying 2099? Or is that an exception done manually


They explained it in the incubator: "FYI: 2099 is a placeholder. Of course we won't be released in 2099.We'll be released in 9999!... just kidding. /s. Likely around 2017~2018" (https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ko/en/status)


How do you choose who gets access to it? Does it go by how long people have used Doulingo? or by how long ago they clicked the notify me button? I ask, because my brother has access to the cores, but I still don't. Just wondering what factored into that.


Yes maybe for 1-2 week, it would have been nice to wait for a common release day.


Since I use Duolingo pretty much only on the website, I can't wait for it. Any ETA?


No ETA at the moment :( I'm the same way, but have actually been enjoying Japanese on the Android app because... typing in Japanese is difficult, and the app exercises are enjoyable.


and the app exercises are enjoyable.

I have to disagree. It takes no effort to complete a course, it's just matching.


It takes no effort to complete a course

While you have a point in that studying on the website is much more challenging (and it's as good idea to do the lessons on the web in parallel with or at least after using the app), I think you should try studying a tougher course before being so categorical about this.

Heck, it would be good to see Luis study something tougher than Portuguese (as a native Spanish speaker) and vivisaurus finish a tree in a language she's not native (level) in! ;-) And I'm not writing this to tease anyone, I really think it would be a good experience for them!


Some of my job requires me to spend a lot of time re-doing languages I am a native speaker of... over and over again. And test other random trees on occasion. I am hoping Japanese will be the non-native one I complete, but it will depend on my ability to learn a different script for the first time ! :o Good luck to all who are going on the same adventure!


Vivi, please allow me to make a recommendation. If you truly want to learn Japanese script, I really recommend a book called Remembering the Kanji. It helped me memorize and learn to see all of the radicals and stroke order very much. I did spend hours a day finishing it in a few months (and using the koohi website), but this is after I already had a degree in Japanese and had lived in Tokyo for a year. Those few months with those books and that forum helped more than 6 years of Japanese classes for kanji. I think it's a great tool for familiarizing yourself with kanji. Now, if only duolingo started teaching more kanji earlier... lol. There are so many to learn, but seeing full sentence after full sentence of hiragana is just unnatural.


Some of my job requires me to spend a lot of time re-doing languages I am a native speaker of... over and over again

I appreciate that -- in both senses of the word. Good luck with Japanese!

But don't you think the Japanese course (which I haven't seen for myself) will be quite different from the other more difficult courses you guys are offering, since none of those have had that "six months of half of the Duolingo staff dedicating their time to it" that Usagiboy7 mentioned?

(I'm too much of a scaredy cat to attempt, say Hebrew, Swahili, or (despite its common roots with Finnish) Hungarian, but I'm not representing Duolingo so that's my excuse.)


I think you should try studying a tougher course before being so categorical about this.

I am. Lingvist and Assimil. And advancing quite far. I'm almost to B1 in Castilian.

Heck, it would be good to see Luis study something tougher than Portuguese (as a native Spanish speaker) and vivisaurus finish a tree in a language she's not native (level) in! ;-) And I'm not writing this to tease anyone, I really think it would be a good experience for them!

I'm happy for them (no sarcasm). But I see the mobile app a dumbed down version of the desktop that was done for the least common denominator user. It's the evil red-headed stepchild. Now, the desktop is better on the other hand. I have my complaints about it, but it's nothing as bad as the mobile.


There's nothing wrong with being able to start out with the lowest common denominator, though. Whatever keeps the threshold for getting stuck into learning low.

My point was that Duoling staff don't seem to challenge themselves (at least on their accounts we see) as much as they could, and that their perspectives might be widened if they would.

Fellow Lingvist user here...


I noticed long ago that the mobile app is more of a recognition tool. Far more of the exercises provide you with multiple choices or matching options, and all you have to do is say, "Ah, that looks familiar!"

The Web app relies a lot more on recall. It's largely one-sided, giving you a phrase and asking for a translation. Using the Web app daily tends to increase my grasp of the language, while using the mobile app tends to actually decrease it.


If you don't already know katakana, hiragana, or the kanji in this course, that can be a good thing-- using the Japanese IME in Windows and OS X can make it easy to type without thinking too hard exactly what you're typing sometimes. Matching in this case forces you to read what you're throwing up in the sentence before you do it. Might not always be a good thing, but I think it's beneficial at low levels here.


I think it's important to learn to "write" Japanese instead of pattern matching. I use an IME on my (linux) PC and (Samsung) smartphone. They're not hard to install using language settings.

This is important. Writing and speaking a language is a lot harder than recognising the words and syntax when reading or listening. Producing it yourself is harder. It's a well established linguistic fact. You need to practice writing Japanese without prompts, matching MCQ's (great for learning Kana) is no substitute for writing sentences.


I think this case is somewhat unique. Most IMEs I've used have suggestion features for kanji after being typed in hiragana. Since the mobile app teaches the sounds, writing is still trivial because Japanese is phonologically strict. If you can say it, computers let you write it. To practice coming up with the right kanji requires pen and paper. Otherwise you just read the right one in the list of suggestions based on the sound.


I totally agree - however, when first learning a course - create more opportunities to listen than to speak; more time to read than to write. The Japanese at the moment is really frustrating.


I am a little torn on this issue. I think knowing how to write is important and even a dying art in general in the world today. However, I almost feel like if someone wants to invest their limited time for the most return, then sometimes it is better to learn other things in Japanese than writing.

Here's an example. If you want to work/live in Japan, you will likely rarely be forced to write anything (unless you have a job related to writing I suppose). When I was working in Tokyo, the only time I wrote anything was when I was sending a package at the post office or filling out forms for for alien registration or visas. In my job and daily life there, I was using my cellphone and computers way, way more often to function in all aspects. I'm not totally saying don't write, but practically speaking, you can get by in Japan with speaking, listening, and reading. Technology has changed things.

I still highly recommend Remembering the Kanji for anyone who wants to learn to write. It was a way better investment of my time than kanji college courses. It helps you to break down radicals and stroke order really well.

Edit: I just realized that "writing" can also mean typing/texting in the contexts you are referring to most likely. So yes, "write" (type/text) as much as you can! When I was much younger, (an American college student over 10 years ago) I learned a ton by typing back and forth with Japanese people in Japanese in an MMORPG (Final Fantasy XI).

I think pattern matching on Duolingo is a good starting point to get familiar with vocabulary and grammar, but you are gonna have to go elsewhere for kanji and conversation practice.

With Spanish, I finished the Duolingo tree and had a huge vocabulary and grasp of grammar. Now, I'm going through Pimsleur and talking/typing with friends online to get conversation practice. I think Duolingo is a good place to start but should only be one of many tools you use in your journey. Or, maybe it will evolve into a more versatile tool in the future...


You don't have to write Japanese with an IME. You just type "hoshi~" and it sees "ho" and "shi" and outputs the correct Japanese characters.

To learn to write, you need pen and paper, or one of Wacom's Bamboo styli and a tracing exercise.


I understand the Japanese IME, etc. Might be a little different for Linux folks.

Matching in this case forces you to read what you're throwing up in the sentence before you do it. Might not always be a good thing, but I think it's beneficial at low levels here.

I would disagree with you. Because matching words takes really know work to get right. You can easily just keep clicking it until you get it correct. Now, take writing words out in a journal, lang-8, Duolingo's desktop, etc. It forces you to pull out that knowledge of the language, unlike card matching. Writing out, you have to actually know the word without looking at something to know it, to know how to spell it, and it's a mental exercise. The mobile app is making language learning for the least common denominator.


The Japanese IME I use in Linux (IBus) is about the same as the one I've used in Windows.


I've installed Japanese IME (using fcitx) in Linux systems no problem (at least on Ubuntu and eOS).


Well, I never used the IME on Linux.


This should work for Japanese (or Chinese) on any system using the Ubuntu software centre.



I think a feature (that's sort of like those writing features we use in Chinese to "type" on mobile) that can help practice writing, with a sensor and a background print of the character (like how people learn Chinese characters when they were young), can be a useful tool to learn to write. It's like the game pictionary on tablet, except it's writing characters instead of drawing pictures. This would be a fun and effective way of learning kana and kanji.

I don't have the app so I can't do the course yet, but that was my mental image of how it would be. Seeing these comments kinda disappointed me a little, but I was thinking about how a Chinese from English course would look like, and that's what I thought it would be (shrugs).

I think if that feature is added, the educational value of the app would far succeed that of the (soon to come) web version, which we will have a higher expectation for, at least for now :)


If you are relaying on matching, Japanese gets really frustrating fast! The course progresses too quickly - we learn like babies - we need to listen way more!


Is there a technical reason for no web release? Or is it really just priority? There was all this talk about releasing it to things like android as fast as possible and almost nothing is being said about the web.


I am enjoying it so much! It is easy to memorize and learn. I hope they will teach the other part. It is helping me because it is hard to just read and flash cards


In the mean time you can always create a Japanese account and learn English on it. That's what I've been doing, but you do need a lot of prior knowledge on the language before hand though


Thanks for the information!! :-)

Btw, does the Android app now have Health? I've stopped autoupdating it for now...

Edit: I see that "HelpfulDuo" has just answered my question here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22874501...

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I have the android app and it is with lingots as usual. I think the Health version is only for iOS for now


It's only for iOS. Anyway, you should be using the desktop version. It's not garbage like the mobile apps.


You'd think I'd have a bit of a routine for myself after doing this for 3+ years, thank you very much... ;-)

I'm not really studying a tree at the moment anyway, just treading water until new interesting courses come out. The app is fine for that.

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great! Apparently I'm not one of the lucky ones who got it today but this is good news!

thank you, I'll keep an eye on Google play


Thanks for the update! I... don't really think this is what anyone was expecting when we were told the timeframe wasn't changing, and now it could be another week or more for some of us, but stuff happens and it's absolutely better to know than not to know. I appreciate you keeping us in the loop, especially when this particular topic has tempers flaring and it can't be fun to be in the line of fire.

Here's hoping all of us here are among the lucky ones who don't have to wait long- I've about had it with having to look at my old iPhone for, uh, pretty much anything. Again, thanks for keeping us posted and here's hoping for a smooth rollout.


Thanks magidrakee! This will be super smooth, I can sense it!


Already super smooth in my book, cuz I just got in! Hooray~


I'm enjoying seeing these little Japanese flags popping up as flair in this thread ^_^


I can't wait for Japanese to be on beta for the web version I'm starting to love duolingo already because they got Japanese


I would recommend a cushion for all that waiting you will definitely have to do :( I'd much rather they focused on web version rather than on the apps, tbh


Great news! Well done all involved!


Alright, I can access it today! So excited to join in.... thank you!


Nice! I know vivisaurus said today's part of the rollout would be tiny, but I was hoping we'd hear from SOMEONE at least! Glad to know it's showing up for some folks already!


That's good news, and I'm impressed that you kept that "few weeks" promise. Good job!


Rip windows users T_T Anyhow gj! And hf to the android users!


Just want to say, vivisaurus, I'm grateful for your communications with us.

I may not really have any interest in any of the apps for Duolingo, but I think you are doing a good job of trying to heal the wound that was caused by the misleading 'release' of 'the beta' two weeks ago. Your posts are very helpful and are forthcoming with answers to the stuff people are concerned about.

I'm not sure I understand how this rollout works though. What I mean is, how it can be restricted to only appear in some people's Google Play Store but not others?

I'm wondering... Is it like, "Okay, we'll release the update for Canada today, then on the second day we'll allow Australia to see it, next South Africa,..."?

Or maybe it's by device, "Okay, day one we'll let Samsung Galaxy owners see the update in their Play Store, tomorrow Sony Xperia,...".

I'm not really hoping for an answer to this at all though. Only posting the thing that's interested me most about this news. Just idle curiosity. ^_^


So, who else is still in the Waiting-In-Joyful-Hope club? ;) I am...


The update popped up in my Play Store only around 11 hours ago. So it is still going on.

Vivisaurus posted this thread almost exactly 6 days ago. If we are to take the "week" extremely literally, you should get the update within the next 23 hours 53 minutes. Not too long to go now. ^^


Haha I hope so! Just my luck to be late to the party xD


Unfortunately Google states that not all users immediately receive the update notification after a staged roll out, such as this one... We might need an extra day or so before all get it....


Yeah, sigh... and according to Vivi the roll-out may now take till the end of the week anyway... I may have longer still to wait. Seems like the majority of people have it now though, looking at the comments on this thread...?


I didn't wait to receive an update notification when I updated. I simply kept checking the Duolingo page on Play Store app to see if the green button on the page said "OPEN" or "UPDATE".

However, I've noticed today that Vivisaurus added an edit to her post:

"[edit: we needed to make an adjustment, it is possible it takes until the end of the week to reach everyone]"

Some users reported a problem with the app. They had to fix it and have now given us another update to sort out that problem. This is probably what Vivisaurus meant about it now taking a bit longer. So sadly it might still be a couple more days away for some people. ^^;


Luckily our engineers are rock stars and we did not have to wait until the end of the week (ノ^o^)ノ


Nice! Maybe the beta has reached everyone on Android already then? ^^


When I touch Japanese in Duolingo on Android, it doesn't add it to my courses.


I appreciate the heads up! I'm so excited for whenever it comes on my Android app! :-)


Let us know when you get it!


Yay!!! Can't wait!




Can't wait to see it on mine. Thanks for keeping us up to date.


How will we know when it has been released for our account? Will we receive an email?

Will it unlock when we receive an updated version of the app?

Or is the capability to do the Japanese course already in the current version, and it just needs to be unlocked from your side for our accounts?


So how slowly....? Does that include the weekend? And will we get more info if a delay occurs because of some bug?

If the roll out evenly or are you starting with 2% of users and ending with 40% on day 7? Does the roll out continue in the weekend or should we wait till monday?

Even when you give news you really dont say anything more than - "Hey its coming sometimes this week. Or not, we dont give details." Duolingo needs a communications director. =_=


Whoa whoa whoa hold on. I can tell you what I know and thought you guys might want to know too. I did not expect people to dislike me sharing in that way. : If I know we are starting a slow rollout that should take a week, I still want to tell you right at the beginning if I can.

I know everyone wants exact dates and percentages here, but the rollout details are out of most staff members' control. Alright, let's take this one at a time: It started yesterday, we plan to ramp it up today, and the release will probably take a break over the weekend. I don't know the exact percentage per day, as that is a decision the engineer who is releasing the app version has to make based on the information that is coming in. But they have shared that the goal is to finish by the middle of next week. If things change (like a delay because of some bug, as you mentioned), I was planning on telling you guys by updating this post... even if it means people might react negatively. ( º﹃º )


Gosh, I hadn't even considered the weekend til these posts... in that case I really hope today and tomorrow's numbers are pretty significant!

Or at least that they contain me :>


The more details, the happier we are! :-) Even if those details are "we don't know X yet".


Is your streak really 1243 days??? :O


And now i feel well informed ^^ Thank you for the extra info. And sorry to scare you xD


In case you didn't get an answer yet, there doesn't seem to be a lot of posts from people who got it in this thread, the rollout didn't stop over the weekend. It was pushed to me yesterday evening.


Yes! Looks like it kept going, and that you already got started! =] Hope you are enjoying it.


I shouted WooHoo! so loud my neighbors could here when I saw the headline.....Then I read the article. I guess I will be checking my phone once an hour for the next 3 weeks.


3 weeks? Everyone will have it by the middle of next week.


Duolingo time seems to be similar to valve time, so it probably will come out some time next month.


amentats, check now!


I love it when I'm wrong.


How will the selected few access it ? Do they get a special download link? I don't see any android updates available on the play store.

Can I please get one of the early invites? I'll play it allll day until i finish the tree and report any bugs


I think it will be automatically selected by the play store. So they don't have any influence on who exactly will get it early. https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/6346149?hl=en


I am sad because i'm still waiting since 18. But i can only say: I F***G LOVE YOU


There are mirror sites now, offering the updated apk. For those, including me, who think a show rollout is pointless.


Came here for this. Thank you so much!


Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot about APK Mirror. I just sideloaded the newest version and started the Japanese course.


I've been trying to check APK Mirror but so far I hadn't seen it on there. Glad people can get it now.


I have to report something: STEPS TO REPRODUCE 1.- change your language on android to japanese 2.- play a little bit (until your account language changes to japanese) 3.- enter to a forum, comment post or something on duolingo way 4.- see a duolingo not available for japanesse CURRENT BEHAVIOUR it shows a page that says japanese is not supported on web yet please try another language in the mean time EXPECTED BEHAVIOR see the forum and other pages when you have japanesse at set up language instead of the japanese is not supported on web yet please try another language in the mean time.


Looks like I'm not included in today's rollout. I'll have to keep checking back. Thanks to the whole team for their hard work developing this course. I'm really looking forward to it!


I am genuinely so excited for this!! I've wanted to learn Japanese for quite a while, now!


So pumped for this <3


Thaks You Vivi...


why don't i have it yet .and when


Yaaay, finally!!! can't wait for the update to come to me too. though I haven't been waiting as long as some, I'm still so excited that its finally almost here.


Just got it! YAY!! It's an app update, look for it in the app store. Android normally updates apps when the phone is recharging with Wifi, but you can just ask it to update.

If you don't see any pending Duoling app update, so you have not been selected yet.


Is there a specific time each day the app updates release?


Hey do you know when Japanese is coming on the PC


Later this year. I think someone said in the fall.


Do you know if you can find a link to where they said that?

Other than the very unspecified timeframe "web will be next", the most specific ETA I've heard is still what Luis said back on the day it released on iOS:

"Japanese should be available on Web at some point this year, but I don't have an exact timeframe yet."

And even then it's only "should", as if there's some chance it might not be this year... ;_;


SadReactsOnly T _T


Is there anyone else who hasn't got the update yet? I feel like play store hates me and I'd rather avoid using apk mirrors, however my patience is at its edges...


I'm in the same boat. :'( Guessing this isn't my week to start playing the lotto.


Still no update. But aren't you at the fourth level of japanese now? Am I alone?


I'm also one of the most unlucky ones it seems :/ one more day...


Hey everyone, update time: There were a couple of small bugs for us to fix during the early week, which pushed the full update to the end of the week; but those bugs should now have been squished and this newest version should now be available to ~3/4 of you!


Wait, actually everyone... check now for updates. I think you should see it! Check it check it!


Woohoo! I got it and I'm so happy! Thank you so much Vivisaurus for all your helpful updates!


What update is it? For the android application? Can we see a changelog somewhere?


I still can't access nor can I update anything :( How do you update?


Wooow...for some reason, I can access the course now. I tried reinstalling the apps earlier :)


Yay I just got it :)


There is a problem in the iOS app. When the user is introduced the kanji for "middle", the voice says "naka", but the user has to chose "chuu". Quite confusing for a beginner at Japanese.


I just want it to come out publicly


I'm so eager for the desktop version since I can't update my iphone anyway! Its too old.


> Meanwhile, we can’t recommend this enough: > check out [...] on Tinycards

I would, but unfortunately Tinycard is NOT available on Android devices either... :(


I use it on my Android device this way. It works for me at least =]


Thanks for the pointer, but I need to access it while I commute on the underground train... no cell reception there. :(


Unlike the Duolingo app, the Tinycards app works without an internet connection (OK, at least on iOS).

I do need a cellular data or wi-fi connection to download the decks of cards - but once I've downloaded them, I don't need to stay connected to use them on Tinycards. :)


This is why my initial comment was related to tinycards ON ANDROID. I have an android phone, and there is NO tinicards app for android. Some people mentioned there is a web version, but I explained that I could not use it when off-line.


That is not the same feeling as a native app! :)


so the vast majority of us (talkin mobile) are still going to have to wait for a course that was promised to us last month? greeaaattt...at this point i just hope something like this doesn't happen in the future because this entire situation is atrocious and was completely avoidable.


Are people still getting access on android ? I woke up today hoping i would be chosen, but no sign.


The rollout's still going, I got the update yesterday evening.


Seems like you have been chosen now =]


YAY!!! I can't wait!


Still waiting on a roll out here. But i'm a little confused about what the roll out looks like. What's the maximum wait date we have to anticipate? Cause i've read so many different things it's getting confusing. Some said 3weeks, others by mid next week? (or well this week for me as it is monday in my country) can anyone clear this up a bit ? I'm still checking my phone every time there's an update available if it's for duolingo but no luck so far :(


DuoLingo said Everyone would have it by the middle of next week.


Well, that was five days ago. The middle of "next week" from last week is like...tomorrow.


is tinycards on android/pc yet?


You can use it in the browser on mobile.


This is really great!


Just got it! Finally! Woo hoo!


I got Japanese on android yesterday, and completed within the same day. This wasn't a surprise because duolingo courses are for beginners, but I do think there needs to be a lot more kanji used. If possible, adding all the kanji with reading script included would be ideal for studying. I hope there will be more content added in the very near future!


This is "the middle of next week" still no update.


Patience, Artemis! Check now.


Now I can't change interface and return to french for italians and german for italians :/ EDIT: I can do it but I have to press hard and/or many times... I find it funny but it's ok XD I like duolingo so much, good job.


Please send in a bug report with that if you get a chance!


I'm a little annoyed that if you start off a new account / fresh install on another android device you can pick japanese, but because I'm an existing user I still have to wait for the rollout? Hnngggg


It's been around a week since this was posted and I still haven't received the rollout. Do we have any information on how long it's going to take for everybody to receive the course?


If you read above they said everyone should have it by the end of the week.


Vivi posted new a new comment saying that it wasn't going to take to the end of the week after all: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22873815$comment_id=22979770

And then another comment 22 hours ago that it should have reached everyone on Android by that point:

It looks like Levirne1 has already been using it now anyway, judging by the flags. ^^


Firstly, congrats this is super exciting.

However, is anyone having a bug subscribing to the Japanese course? I click to the add the language and it won't load.

Am i doing something wrong?


When can we expect to see Japanese for Android? I check every day - still nothing...


I'm so excited about this but honestly, I was expecting a longer tree, a language as difficult as Japanese shouldn't have the shortest tree on Duolingo. Are you planning on making future expansions?


Always! All trees are a work in progress. =]


Any official release date for the additional trees? jk

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    As excited as I am about Japanese support, you could have communicated to us better. I was relying on that release date, and as a PC user, I feel really disappointed in you guys. You could have published the whole delayed release thing BEFORE the iOS release date.

    [deactivated user]

      Instead of rollouts, you need new feature opt-in. Have an "alpha tester" account option to test new features.


      Tinycards are great and maybe essentials for japanese. I would love to see them more connected to duolingo for the xp/rewards, especially if they are officials.


      I've tested the iOS app and it seems there is a problem. The kanji for "middle" is said "naka" by the voice when the user has to chose "chuu", which is another pronunciation of the same kanji. Quite confusing for a beginner knowing nothing about Japanese.


      I've seen this happen a number of times. I wonder if it's supposed to somehow reach you both ways to say the same thing.


      I can't seem to begin the Japanese course - it's available in the course list, but I when I tap on it nothing happens. Moreover, it says for me that there are 0 people learning Japanese.

      Any idea what my problem is?


      I fixed it by open Esperanto then tap on it again


      I don't have access to the course. Any idea why and how?


      So I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be completely out yet, but I have the update and when i go to select the japanese course, it just says there's 0 learners and throws me back to the lessons for my irish. Is that supposed to happen? Is there going to be like a massive switching on of the japanese course once everyone has the update?


      Someone right above you just said the same thing. They said they fixed it by opening another language, then going back to Japanese.


      I'm so happy you guys introduced it, Duolingo is the best language I've ever used, and now I ace French! :) Thank you so much.


      Started using the Android app to learn Japanese about a month ago...but last week the duolingo app updated and now Japanese as a course isn't even available. What should I do?


      Hello duolingo I am very grateful to all of you because you have helped me to learn the English language in a spectacular way, and as I have been helped, I have helped many others, I hope that the page continues to grow much more and that other people also learn other languages .

      Thank you.


      I'm disappointed that this wasn't out sooner, as it was announced a few months before my trip to Japan. It came to iOS a few weeks ago and it's only just reached Android, which is what I own, and now I'm in Japan and cannot connect to WiFi to download it. Looks like the only Japanese I'll be able to use over here is what's in the rubbish phrasebook I got given.


      Please consider how to make this course truly a learning experience. At the moment it is frustrating. We need to learn to hear the language before the course challenges us to write! And that fill in the blank exercise is ridiculous. I created a club - and it was going well until everyone hit a wall. I am the only one left!
      My recommendation - more listening exercises where we match what is being said. Listening to the characters and the phrases - no writing in Japanese! Thank you.


      Somewhat confused, it says this post was made 3 months ago and yet when I look in the app store Duolingo has no mention of Japanese being available? And that Korean has just been added. I'm guessing that means I can't do Japanese on my phone yet? I'm pretty bummed, but I know you're probably working very hard to make it available to everyone. New ideas on release dates would be nice.


      I'm not sure why it's not in the main description, but it's definitely on Android and has been. Everyone should have it as of about a week after this post was made. :)


      Good job on the release of the web-version! Any indication about the time it will take before I can type in Japanese in the web-version? Preferably in both the app and the web-version. Obviously I have the Japanese keyboard installed on both my phone and computer :)


      I was able to type in Japanese a couple of weeks ago on the web version, but that seems to have gone away now. Is that because it is still in beta? Is there an approximate time for it coming back? You guys do great work and thanks for feeding my love of languages!


      Hey guys, it's been 5 months. How can I, an android user, start practicing japanese with duolingo? or is it still only available for a handful of users?


      As far as I know it's in the Play Store for everyone.


      I'd love to try it, but I can't login on Android and customer support won't respond to my requests!


      Why in japanese course I'm not writing and speaking in japanese? I'm only doing exercise where I put words in the correct order and sometimes I write in English something that is in Japanese. I use a smartphone with Android. Is there any reason? I would to write or speak in Japanese also. Thanks!) P.S. The function is enabled. I checked

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