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No more discussion on mobile web?

I just tried to see discussions on my android device. I opened chrome and entered to duolingo. But they changed mobile web ui and new ui doesnt include discussion. Why? Duolingo keeps removing everything that makes duolingo better.

May 31, 2017



I hear you. I noticed the same yesterday. You used to also be able to access the full site from the mobile site. That's no longer possible either.

Here's a thing I just discovered though. If you type www.duolingo.com in your mobile Chrome browser, it automatically takes you to the (new) mobile site. However, there are three little dots (vertical) in the top right corner of the Chrome screen. Tap on that, and you get a list of options. Scroll down a bit, and it says Request desktop site. If you check-mark that, it'll take you to the full (desktop) site, from which you can still access discussions. But you have to do this each time, I think. I hope this helps a bit.


I agree, a terrible change. There are however two ways to get to discussions

  • using the url, whether you type it yourself or choose from history/bookmarks
  • clicking Add a course brings up the three bars and you can move around like you used to
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