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Tinycards Review

I was interested in learning more about it since it looks nice and I also saw they have Chineasy* decks on it.

Here is a review someone made:

If there is someone who learned hundreds of words on it and can elaborate more on the review mechanism that will be great.
Please compare to Anki or Memrise if you can.

Edit: *Just checked, Memrise has Chineasy too.

May 31, 2017



Hi! Have you given it a try too? You can check it out on the website tiny.cards -- you can even add that website to your Android phone for easy access.


Only very limitedly. I'm heavily invested in Memrise at the moment to just switch over like that.
And you can't really test the system until you accumulated a lot of cards, so I will need to spend a lot of time there which I don't really have.

What really concerned me is that I read in the review that it follows the same review mechanism as in duolingo with which I'm currently having a lot of significant issues and frustration.
Does the platform ready to track and review efficiently hundreds upon hundreds of cards, day in day out, in a swift easy manner? At the moment, I'm doubtful. It will need to mature more.
I'll be waiting to read some more reviews, and also keep my eye for the Android release, which I use a lot.

I do wish you all much luck and success with the new platform. I like the aesthetics.
You should really try to integrate it as an integral part of completing your tree at duolingo.
That will give it the boost it needs.

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