"Ei au trăit mult și bine până au obosit!"

Translation:They lived long and well until they got tired!

May 31, 2017

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Shouldn't the answer be ”they lived long and well until they got tired"?


This seems to be the main translation. What did you see? Note that multiple solutions can be accepted and we don't see them all here.


Ah, well, this one has definitely been changed, which is great. It used to say "they lived long and good..." Thanks for answering


That was the translation offered for the individual word 'mult' rather than a lot. It prompted me to change my answer from the correct one I had put :(


Why not alternatively 'before' they got tired.


The first verb has to be "They had lived" which translates as "Ei trăiseră" in Romanian. The past perfect (mai mult ca perfectul) expresses a past action which occured before another past action. That is why you cannot use "before" in this sentence.

In the same time, I think that past perfect would fit much better this sentence.

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