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"Este știut copiii învață de la părinți."

Translation:It is known that children learn from the parents.

May 31, 2017



The English translation is wrong. It can't be "from The parents" but it can be "from THEIR parents".


Neither the Romanian version makes it very clear to be their parents. Highly unlikely but maybe you're talking about some kids at school that learned some behavior from the parents they see around.


This is just one of many situations where we use the possessive in English but you don't in Romanian.


"părinții lor" = their parents. Correct?


"că copiii" is a cacophony and it should not be used. How did this get through the vetting process? They teach this stuff in kindergarten!!


Cacophony is NOT an error, but a mere annoyance. Therefore the phrase is correct.


"Ca copiii" is wrong


Why "copiii = the children" is used here?


Copil=child Copii= children (plural form ending in -i) Copiii= the children (the articol in Romanian is usually at the end of the work and not before it therefore another -i is put there to represent that). You also need to pronounce two -i when speaking.


Bert, in Romanian, when a noun stands for a subject, it is always used with a definite article, unlike in English, when the use of the article is conditioned by the meaning of the sentence. I hope this was helpful.


As far as I can tell, definite form is used for expressing general concepts, and in this sentence, children are referred to as such, i.e. it's not any specific children we refer to, but children in general.


that would make sense. Is that why the parens is used as well then rather than their parents?


Cacofonia aceea m-a durut :))


Cacofonia nu este o eroare gramaticala si nu este mai mult decat o chestie pur estetica. In multe cazuri este inevitabila. https://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cacofonie


Daenerys Targaryen approves of this

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