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  5. "Hol van a borotvátok."

"Hol van a borotvátok."

Translation:Where is your razor?

June 1, 2017



These kinds of sentences do not work. The Hungarian sentence, though referring to plurality, is articulated in the singular, but the English must be translated in the plural.


It seems that someone forgot about a question mark.


What's the plural of razor, and why isn't it used here, when it's plural in English?


I'm confused with this exercise. Could someone explain the difference between the singular and the plural form? Thx


Hol van a borotvátok? (singular razor, plural you)

Hol vannak a borotváitok? (plular razor, plural you)

there could also be

Hol van a borotvád? (singular razor, singular you)

Hol vannak a borotváid? (plular razor, singular you)

But, this sentence Hol van a borotvátok? can be translated as where are your razors in English, if we mean that you have one razor each.


I had "Where are your razors?" accepted. I'd have thought that my translation would be more correct than the offical translation, unless several people are sharing a single razor.


Where is your shaver? wasn't accepted. I've reported it because that's obviously correct. (Does anyone say razor nowadays?). Moreover, the question doesn't have a question mark and obviously should.


I have never heard a razor of any sort - manual, electric, safety, or straight blade - called a shaver, personally. Is it an english thing or something?


I say razor. I don't use an electric shaver/razor and I'm Australian, if that makes a difference. I'd be inclined to use shaver to describe the electric device. Do Hungarians draw a distinction?


In British English we're more inclined to use the word, shaver, to describe the electric device and the phrase, shaver blade, whilst not unknown, would be more commonly expressed as razor blade. I tend to say shaver and that's doubtless because I use an electric one. Hungarian uses villanyborotva or elektromos borotva for shaver so I should concede the point. I think blade shaver is OK in British English but blade razor will almost certainly win in terms of use percentage.

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