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Have any of you done the Pimsleur German courses? After finishing Pimsleur, what courses did u take?

hello. I hope you guys can answer this. And I am solely talking about the first 3 courses. Also, what should I do after completing the duolingo tree and completing the Pimsleur courses to further my German learning? What should I do to really attain fluency? thanks a lot

June 1, 2017



Before I stumbled across Duolingo, I was using Pimsleur. For myself, I found Pimsleur to be a good learning tool, however, they do not explain grammar. I bought the first part of the course for a good introductory price and still use it for extra German practice. Perhaps, your local library has Pimsleur and you can sign it out and see what you think.


The best part about Pimsleur is that they don’t explain the grammar. You notice the patterns on your own and develop your own logic for determining how to form sentences. This is miles better than memorizing monotonous tables of dative/genitive/blahblah suffixes and articles.


I agree, i like pimsleur because you learn phrases, even if you don't understand everything, you know how to say things properly. Granted, i like to know grammar too, which is why i learn it elsewhere.


I really got a lot out of the Pimsleur CD sets. I did the first three. When I started a German class a couple months ago, I found that my pronunciation was better than many of the other students, and I attribute that to Pimsleur. (But they don't help much with reading and writing... in fact, they seem to discourage it. Conversation is my focus so it worked for me.)

I also use Memrise, Lingvist, and Quizlet online, read as much as possible, and watch German-language TV and movies.


There are many opinions on this topic, we all have our own way of learning. I will recommend to go step by step. For lack of a better system test yourself and put goals to reach A1, A2, B1, B2. B2 is fluency. You can add a conversation partner to you mix (try conversationexchange.com), manage this relation from the beginning, equal time for both languages. For me writing is a good tool. You can go to lang8 so a native can review it, feedback is very important. If you test yourself you will see which areas are strong or weak and you will feel motivate to reach the next level.

I also like youtube, specially German with Jenny for grammar. And try to read a paragraph or two every day, it can be a newspaper or a blog.


Do #4 and #5. I’m halfway through 5 and I feel like I’ve learned a lot since 3. They continue to quicken the pace at which you learn.

DuoLingo and Memrise are good for filling out your well of vocabulary, but Pimsleur is where you learn pronunciation and grammar, the hardest part.


Thanks and I heard that 4 and 5 have only 10 lessons each is this true?


That was in the past. They now have 30 courses each and they are very up to date. I think there might even be 10 more lessons beyond Unit 5.


alright, I will be sure to do all of them. Also, how well well is your fluency now that you are nearly done with the fifth course?


I haven't taken a test, but I feel way more confident about speaking. I'll find out for sure in a couple of months when I move to Germany!


wow, nice. Good luck in germany, I would love to travel there sooner or later.


I've done the first 3 courses. They're probably better for conversational skills than duolingo as you're forced to answer questions and I feel that I've got good retention of the material. On the other hand they don't teach you very quickly and are quite limited in vocabulary for the time you have to put in. I've got a boring commute and so they're perfect for that, but there are probably better resources you could be using for the time invested otherwise (e.g. memrise, easy german/german with jenny on youtube)

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