Streak reset?

It's May 31 at the time of writing. I logged in to find that my 555 day streak had reset to zero despite my streak freeze being active, and that my monthly progress was listed at 0 XP even though I know that's wrong. My profile suddenly lists no progress or achievement info. Is anyone else having this issue?

1 year ago

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I've just looked at your profile. Your streak is only one day, but the rest of your progress is showing up - level 18 in French, etc.

The three most common reasons for losing a streak are:

  • you're working on a phone or a tablet, and your phone / tablet hasn't been able to synchronise its data with the server.

  • your daily target is set to more XP than you did yesterday.

  • you've travelled across timezones, and Duolingo's using the time zone you travelled from.

The first is the most likely - that your mobile device hasn't synchronised.

It's always a good idea to buy a streak freeze if you care about your streak, and to check every now and then that it's still active - often they get used without us noticing. It's also a good idea to use the website to check that your phone / tablet has synchronised with the server.

1 year ago

I had a streak freeze in place, and when I noticed the reset, I immediately went to the lingot store only to find that the streak freeze was still active! That's why I was so confused. I suppose it was a sync error.

1 year ago

What happens if you log in on a different device?

1 year ago

Same thing. It's on both my computer (Chrome on Windows 8.1) and the Android app.

1 year ago
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