"Où est la morale ?"

Translation:Where is the morality?

March 4, 2013

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I translated this as "where is the morale" thinking about the morale of a workplace and duo marked it as wrong. I'm wondering if anyone else had the same thought as me. Like maybe a popular employee quit their job and the boss is asking their assistant if the morale of the rest of the employees is down or not. I don't know. I'd love to hear someone else's thoughts on this.


Gave this some consideration before opting for the safer option. I think it is legitimate but Duo may not have learned the construction, or perhaps French has a different requisite construction for that, I am unsure.


Can this mean "What is the moral?" (as in, what is the moral of the story..)


I thought the same...generally a person could equally ask "where is the moral of the story?" if they're seeking an understanding of what it [the moral] is~


Given that 'Où' means 'where' and not 'what' I don't think so.


I know that, but I think the French have a more, for lack of a better word, "abstract" way of using the word "Où" and often use it in contexts that wouldn't seem right in English. I'm not sure if this is one of them.


For instance, I could see a French speaker saying something like "J'aime cette fable mais où est la morale?" to mean "I like this fable but what is the moral?" (I don't know if they would say that, but it seems plausible to me..)


DUO HAS GIVEN ME "Where are the moral"


I tried "Where are the morals" and one possible answer I was corrected with was "where are the moral".

I'm having some trouble understanding how "moral" matches with "are" here. Is that correct?


No, it is not. La morale is singular. Apparently there are more than a few errors lurking in the depths of the Duobot on this one. "La morale" = morality (or) moral (of a story). So, Où est la morale ? = "What is the moral (of the story)?"

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Can't the definite article also refer to things in general? For instance 'Where is morality' instead of 'Where is the morality?' I thought where is the morality sounded a bit awkward in English.


Where is the morality that he preaches, now that his son is the agressor???


The morale of a workplace would be "le morale", but "la morale" is morality or a moral code.


Or moral of a story.

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