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"Я проехала мимо этого города по пути домой."

Translation:I drove past this town on the way home.

June 1, 2017



A russian man saying "Я проехала"? That can be confusing. Проехала is for female speakers. Проехал is the conjugation for male speakers.


Does проехать specificity mean to drive or is it more to travel by transport in general?


Can be both. But not by foot, that's "прошла́".


When should one use "по пути" or "на пути"?


Is "домой" instrumental here? If so, why?


Домой is an adverb.


As an adverb, домой is indefinable - it doesn't change, and is unaffected by case, gender and number.


Indeclinable? Autocorrect adds a tinge of surrealism now and again. ))


"i drove by that city on my way to home" why is it incorrect ?


I drove past this city on the way home was marked red.

Correct solution:

I drove past this town on the way home

Messed up.


I wrote the exact correct sentence but got rejected just because I used the word city instead of town!!


It's not helpful to use a male voice to say "проехалА"! He should say "проехал".


гОрода, not городА


Я проехала этот город по дороге домой


I think "I drove past this town on MY way home" should be accepted in the English translation because that's a very English way of saying it.


can someone explain what case do we use after до пути+ ??


It is по пути "on the way" (bonus points if you notice the oddball masculine noun путь). You use по дороге or по пути with an expression of direction:

  • по пути на работу = on the way to work
  • по пути к метро = on the way towards the metro
  • по пути в магазин = on the way to the store
  • по пути из Москвы в Одессу = on the way from Moscow to Odessa

"(To) home" is домой, so this adverb is what you use.

You can also use them without specifying the way ("en route") if it is more or less clear from context (e.g. "Я зашёл в магазин по пути").


City is just as good as town!


I put "I drove passed this town on the way home" and was marked wrong. I have looked up the uses of "past" and "passed" and as far as I can tell "passed" is correct and "past" is wrong


"Passed" is the past form of the verb "to pass". Since you already have a verb "to drive" here, adding another one makes no sense. You can, however, use it instead of "to drive": "I passed this town".

"Past" in this context is an adverb wich adds additional information to "I drove" and there's nothing wrong with using it here.


“I drove past this town on the way to my house” was not accepted


I would defer to a native speaker for nuances of the Russian, but in English "on the way home" and "on the way to my house" are not exactly the same thing. Suppose I am returning from a road trip, but am first going to a friend's house. I am "on the way home" but not exactly "on the way to my house".

Or maybe that's hair-splitting: Wiktionary says one meaning of домой is "to the house" (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B9#Adverb).

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