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when will Japanese course release to the desktop?

I think it already released to android and ios

June 1, 2017



Later this year, which means that it can be released at any time.


Any time includes the possibilty of it being a gradual rollout starting on 31st December 2017 at 23:59... But let's hope not. xD





It's not on Android as best I can tell. I'm tempted to borrow my dad's iPhone to start messing around on it. Not like he's going to use the app. :)


I think they said that it's slowly rolling out on Android, and it started a day or two ago, I can't remember. Everybody should have it by halfway through next week.


I got it on Android not that long ago


It's on Android but not everyone has access yet.


I got it on Android last week! Now I can't wait for some time to do it.


It only takes like 5 minutes a day! :)


はい!Very true!


Has this been confirmed?


Has what been confirmed?


I'll be stoked when the desktop format rolls out!!!


You could install an Android emulator software like Bluestacks on your PC/Windows.
Therein you can install the DuoLingo Android app either directly from a downloaded apk file or online from Google Play store.


LOL thats not desktop though is it, its using the mobile version on desktop which kinda defeats the whole point of wanting the desktop site.


Well, not every Duo user asking for the DL Japanese course might have an IOS/Android mobile smartphone...I just wanted to show the broad userbase a simple (probably not known) "workaround" until the real Desktop (typing) site will be supported.

Of course your above question stays absolutely legit.

As you are already taking Japanese, of course this tip is NOT really appropriate for both of you, as you are already using Japanese on mobile :-)


By tinkering with selecting Japanese on the phone and then going back to the computer I've been able to start a lesson in Japanese on my computer but it was very difficult to actually do the lesson since it required me to keep switching between a western keyboard and a Japanese keyboard. I have both installed on my computer, but it's still a hassle to change for each sentence. I hope the course can figure out a way to solve this.


Has this gradual rollout been done with other languages? If not, I'm just curious why Japanese is being handled differently. Is it because of complexity introduced by the various alphabets?


I'm a serious language learner and since I've been into Kpop and Jpop I want to learn one of these languages to see if I can understand lyrics. Too bad they Korean isn't done... & since I don't currently own a ios or android device I can't do Japanese either!! When will the desktop version be released?

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