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The new web update

I've seen a couple of posts talking about a couple of things but none that felt like a good place to put all complaints, (maybe I'm just not searching the forum right) but here I'm going to put all my complaints, and open it up that any complaint about any aspect of the web update can go here.

1st I can't click on the language I'm learning to return to the tree.

Normally I just click there and it doesn't work anymore, this one is sort of nit-picky but it seems like there is no use to it, like that's always how I've done it and it changing doesn't make sense to me. :/

2nd the look of multiple choice questions.

I can't read the sentence like that it's all jumbled to the side. It further encourages me not to actually read the sentence I'm translating which I don't think is effective to learning.

3rd again sort of nit-picky but there's also an overarching thing with this.

The way the ad is placed has removed the partially shaded skill part, which I liked to get a sense of how close I was to finishing a skill quickly. Like I said nit-picky, but here's the 2nd part to that. Not that I have the money, but I can't pay to remove ads from the site. I don't have the money so I can't test buying it on mobile and then seeing if it transfers, but that one assumes I have mobile and two is an extra step. I feel like the web is becoming more like the app and there is a reason that I exclusively use the website, there is a reason that I have bookmarked the URLs for the japanese lessons.

4th the removal of Progress Quizzes I really liked those, when I was more heavily doing duolingo (I'm on a partial hiatus doing much less than I used to to recover from surgery and then because I'll be starting school but I used to take many courses and do over 1000 XP per day.) I used progress quizzes weekly to determine which course to focus on.

The second part about the removal of progress Quizzes is I have 5156 lingots, and that's the lower end of people I know, I know the whole gem thing but even turned into gems, there is a major inflation problem. Not to mention I don't know anyone who likes gems, all I've seen are complaints.

I got this update a bit earlier on one of my side accounts (I used to use it for laddering and reverse courses) and I immediately only used this account, and now this one has changed, and the multiple choice is effecting me the worst. The rest I could live with, but that one is severely affecting me. I'm sure that's partly to due with my autism, but it's also not how sentences are normally written. I can't follow the sentence when it's that broken up I can't translate it, I can't learn to live with a broken sentence.

Edit: re point one it seems to be only out of lessons that I can't do that, but it's frusterating nonetheless.

2nd Edit: My workaround for Japanese broke which I understand but it's still annoying.

June 1, 2017



I have different issues. They clearly didn't bother to test the new design on Silk the kindle fire browser. They are numerous display issues where things don't resize properly and text is bigger than text boxes, mltiple choice answers cover up the check answer button etc etc basic formatting issues that should have been sorted before release. When you click the answer button you also get shunted to the bottom of the page and everything gets resized..so you have to fiddle about resizing and repositioning before doing another question which ruins the flow. Some issues can be resolved by using it in portrait view but then you get the mobile version and have no way to report missing sentences plus the keyboard is tiny and very difficult to use. I now have to go onto the discussion page to see my notifications as that part of the menu bar is inaccessible from home or lessons. Very carelessly done!


It feels very rushed, and it's not very user friendly. Part of the reason I hate mobile is because of the keyboard being too small, and because without that tactile feedback of a physical keyboard it's a lot easier to misclick, which with the whole health system is doubly frustrating.


none that felt like a good place to put all complaints, [...] but here I'm going to put all my complaints

The official announcement about the new webversion sounds to me like a good place to publish it: it's where you'll have the more chance staff will read your feedback.

1st I can't click on the language I'm learning to return to the tree.

Click on "Home" button in the same top blue barmenu. It'll also brings you to your current Tree in one click.


It seems that that discussion is actually about a different update. That update was not meant to change any of the functions and there are some notes on visual differences that the OP in that thread said were not part of their update but a separate A/B test. So I don't think it'd be appropriate to put it there since it's a different group working on a different part of the site.


Duolingo is starting to remove their best features now :'(


If you want someone to take notice of your comments you could try moving your post to the troubleshooting forum.


I didn't feel like it made sense to put in the troubleshooting forum since it's not problems with something persay like I want people to notice, but I don't really expect anyone to go "oh just do this to fix it" which I kind of feel like is what the troubleshooting forum is for. It's more just like these are consequences of the new update and because I'm not going to give up on Duolingo so easily I want to express that it's negatively effecting me before I quit.


I have like 26 lingots. I don't get how people are amassing these things.

What are progress quizzes? I've never seen them.

My only problem is with Duolingo doing its own verbal exercises and scoring itself instead of letting me do them. Give me a chance to answer!


How do you have a 213 day streak and only 26 lingots? every ten days you should be getting streak lingots, like when you got to 210 you should've gotten 21 also 2 at the end of every skill and the number of lingots for your level every level up.

Even if you've never got past the first skill in German you should have amassed 522 lingots?


Well, I spend them. Otherwise, what is the point? Also, I stupidly tested out when I first came, not understanding this lingots thing. Also, looking back two years ago, I was finishing lessons and not receiving my lingots. I sent a complaint to support at the time. I missed like 50 of them this way.


I agree I agree I agree. Three times over the last two years some of these problems have been mine. Working carefully through each topic t Level 5 so we’ll practised and after three months suddenly again I reach a road block and can’t continue.

The hearts lock out stuff is frustrating beyond belief. Robin

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