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What is Wrong With Immersion Up votes?

When I press "show votes" on immersion, it says I have at least 30 up votes, but when I go to the page where it says how many up votes I have, there are only 4 up votes. Is immersion supposed to be like that, or is it a glitch?

March 20, 2014



In documents I have very recently translated, I can see that some of my edits have received up-votes, but these are not shown on the up vote page showing my progress towards the next translation tier. I usually get at least one or two votes each day, but despite being busy over the last week or so, I have received no up votes at all in one of my main languages, and in my other main language only some of the up votes I know I have received. Do I have a gremlin in my works?


I see that it says that you have 4 as well in the 'show votes' section. Can you share a screenshot? To share a screenshot in the forum create a url for the image by going into imgur (for ex) and then enter this into a comment: ![alt_text](img_url) Thanks!

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