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Missing features: level-up medal & review lessons

Since the revamp of the desktop version, I've leveled up twice, and although I got the lingots, the TA-DAA medal didn't come up. I really liked that feature – it felt like a real reward – and I miss it. Please bring it back!!

Also, the button to review lessons has vanished from the bottom left-hand side of the window. That is a really useful feature, so please bring that back too!!

June 1, 2017



These will both be back soon :)


Cuando mami? Since we use duolingo on a daily basis a week seems like an eternity. The lesson review feature is soooooooo valuable imho, I was wondering what the time frame on it is. BTW thank you for everything you guys do, duolingo is still wonderful even though some of the changes are a bit worrying.


That's great to know, thanks!


Thank you. I really hope so. They (especially the review) were useful features.


The male voice has disappeared on PC, will that be back soon too?


I second that for sure! The lesson review feature was extremely useful for me. It helps re-enforce what I need to focus on in the future. "The Queen of Light took her bow and then she turned to go ... Bring it baaack, bring it baaack!!!" :)


Duolingo seems to be removing a lot of features lately :(


Yes, I've noticed the option to report "other" problems has also gone, which means you can no longer elaborate or explain your report. Reporting problems is now restricted to a check list. :-(

[deactivated user]

    Please bring back the review button!!! i really use it a lot to check my errors


    Thanks, but that goes to a 404 not found.


    I use the web version on IPad. For me the English translation of foreign words that you got by pointing on the word has disappeared. Anyone else that have noticed this?


    Are these for lessons you're revising (and have seen the translations for those specific words before), or new ones (where they might just be missing)? It might be a glitch, or it might depend on the language and its state of development: some less-well supported and/or newer languages have translations missing. Either way, I'd report it.


    The translation feature worked on both new lessons and lessons was revising in the Russian course. now it doesn't work at all. I hope it is a glitch since it is very unpractical not to have this feature. Especially when it comes to new words. I filed a bug report. Hmm I just tested the web version on my phone and on that device the feature works as before.


    I reckon the translation programming is the last part of the page to load, and if you have a slow internet connection it might take so long to appear that you've already moved on to the next question (which then starts loading it all over again). Could that be what's happening to you?

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