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What happened to the flashcards?

I use the flashcards regularly to review words in the Spanish course so I don't forget them. I can see the list of words I've learned, but the button to pull up the flash cards is missing. How do I use the flashcards now?

June 1, 2017



They have not been added to the re-write of the website. Have you tried Tinycards? They might work for you, as there is a Duolingo Spanish course bundle on there.


What was the decision behind taking the flashcards function away from the desktop site? Did they feel it wasn't used enough? Or was it solely done because they want to promote Tinycards? I don't complain much about Duolingo, but forcing people to download another app if they want to have their flashcards, is not a good decision.


Hi! Did you read the linked post? It is possible it was not worth re-writing and re-adding flashcards when we are working on another, more robust flashcards option. So it was not taken away, but as far as I understand, just not re-written.


So it was not taken away, but as far as I understand, just not re-written.

But that's the same thing. Either way it's gone.


True, Pancho. I was replying to Dutchesse's question that referred to the "decision to take it away." My point is that there was no decision to specifically remove it, as much as there was a decision to improve and update the backend of the site, and some things have not yet been transferred over to the new version—and while a lot of older features are still going to be added to the new site, it might be decided that some things do not make sense to re-write and implement over others.


Thanks for the reply. For the record, I'd just like to say that I've used both the original flashcards and Tinycards and while I like certain aspects of Tinycards and the on-site flashcards weren't perfect, in the end the flashcards had been more useful to me and I hope to see their return.


I don't consider TinyCards a fungible replacement for flashcards, and I won't use TinyCards.


Thanks vivisaurus. I tried Tinycards and saved it to my favorites. It was more convenient to have the flashcards within the Duolingo lesson, but at least I can still use it.

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