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My English to Spanish tree is gone!

I have been doing Spanish to English the last few days. Today I tried to go to English to Spanish, which I have almost finished. But it is gone. It is asking me to start over.


June 1, 2017



You still have your Spanish tree, because the level 25 for Spanish is still behind your username in this discussion.

We like to help you, but then we need the following information:
Are you using Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) or the App?
If the App, which one: Android, IOS or windows?


Using Windows 7 computer.


Now my English to Spanish tree is back. I was worried for a while. I am afraid to try my Spanish to English tree, which also disappeared. It was when I tried to switch to Spanish-English that both because inaccessible.


Happy to hear, that it's alright now.

I think you once have made a mistake in choosing you base language. When that base language is another than English or Spanish, then both your courses in level 25 are invisible. E.g if you choose as a base language German and you choose "I want to learn Spanish", then you have to start your Spanish from zero.


I don't really do those kind of things, but maybe duolingo reset some of your progress?

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