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Duolingo forcing mobile version.

So whilst a lot of people have pointed out in the past the duolingo mobile app STILL doesn't have any grammar tips or information. No biggie it's okay I was able to find a workaround and use my internet on my phone to view the desktop version and read up on the grammar of the language that I'm learning.

However as of recent, when trying to browse the site on a mobile it forces you to use the mobile version of the site which is essentially is the mobile app which results to giving no information on grammar. I have tried to go to the desktop version but as I go back to the homepage it forces a change back to the mobile version.

So why the change and why is it forces upon? I need not explain why we need the grammar information by why are you getting us like cattle to tell us the language not how to understand it?

June 1, 2017



Yes, you used to be able to access the full Duolingo site through the mobile Duolingo site, but they took that function away. IF you use the Chrome browser on your mobile device and you type in www.duolingo.com in that browser, it will redirect you to the updated Duolingo mobile site, but in the upper right corner of your Chrome screen you'll see three vertical dots. Tap on that and you get a list of options, and if you scroll down a bit you'll see request destop site. If you check-mark that, it'll redirect you to the full desktop version of Duolingo on your mobile device, from which you can access the grammar, etc. Again, this is only through the Chrome browser. I don't know if this is possible with other mobile browsers.


This is also possible in the Firefox browser.


Has anyone gotten this to work for iOS? I tried on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers. On the last two, I followed the instructions to request a desktop site, but it didn't make a difference. Thankfully, my actual desktop computer is still showing the full site.

This update (out of all of the questionable updates they've made) annoys me the most because it seems to me that the people who have made the courses (like Russian, in my case) have put so much effort into giving explanations for their courses. I am guilty of taking them for granted, and when I do, I KNOW that I'm not getting as much out of the lessons as I could be. Sometimes, I want to unlock lessons just so I can have access to the notes. They're invaluable!

Duolingo, please bring back the lesson notes!


It still forces the app style after changing to desktop style


I've just noticed this button for the default Samsung/android web browser. I shall give it a go Thanks for the tip for chrome


Sadly on Safari (iOS) it doesn´t work for the mobile Duolingo website.


Thx so much for this tip! I learned something.


Regrettably, it’s not working on ios 12 for me :(


If I were running things, web programmers who force mobile users into less-than-full-featured mobile versions of their site when those users are specifically trying to access the full site, would quickly be out of a job and be barred from ever working in software development again. They could find fulfilling careers in some other area where they could actually make the world a better place instead of...well...doing what they've been doing.

I can't even count how many times I've had this happen...with my bank, with Facebook. Yeah. We don't need this kind of stuff in our world, and our world would be a better place if we could somehow bar people from implementing this kind of garbage in their work.


Please enjoy a linget for your thoughtful reply.


An easy way to fix this is to "open in new tab". Then you are not forced to the app.

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this isn't a good development

[deactivated user]

    My Android app does have tips/notes in some lessons, but not in all courses. Maybe it's an A/B test.


    I think maybe this comes about with the new website version. I still have the Tips and Notes on the iOS mobile browser version, but I'm still on the old website. And looking forward to the change to the new one less and less with every passing day :(


    Are you thinking of the tips that duolingo gives when you start a new lesson?


    Duolingo does seem to be A/B testing a lot, but I think the tips/notes before lessons depend on the team assigned per language, because I'm noticing a discrepancy between different languages and the quality of their audio and notes.

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