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Where is the speak feature?

It seems that the speak and pronunciation feature has gone..I can't stress hard enough how important it is to practice speak. Does it have something to do with the new update?

June 1, 2017



I've sent a bug e-mail recently about this. I currently can't access them in either the Web version (tried with Firefox, Opera and now Chrome, all in Ubuntu), and neither can access them in the Android app.

First time I used the App I was in a waiting room and didn't want to bother people with it, so I turned it off. Now I turn it back on and no exercises for speech show up.


If you are using the web version you could try using the Chrome browser. I believe that Duo is still using Flash code to implement the speaking exercises and many browsers have withdrawn support for Flash because of security reasons.


Thanks my friend, Actually I use the Chrome browser. And the speaking exercises are still working on the German thread. It might have something to do with the Flash code as you say.


I somehow managed to get no speaking exercises for the last 3 months, and then after installing some random chrome extension I started getting them by the dozens. It was very strange for me.

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