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5 more, more random tasks for everyone.

5 más, tareas más aleatorias para todos.

Please submit your answers in English and your target language.

Por favor presentar sus respuestas en inglés y español.

Prize: 3 lingots.

  1. A common insect. Un insecto común.

  2. Something from the beach. Algo de la playa.

  3. Nation where Spanish is the majority language. Un pais donde el español es el idioma de la mayoria.

  4. What color is your hat? ¿De cual color es tu sombrero?

  5. A farm animal. Un animal de la granja.

Here are my answers:

Aquí estan mis respuestas:

  1. grasshopper ~ saltamontes

  2. sand ~ la arena

  1. Ecuador

  1. I don't have a hat. ~ No tengo un sombrero.

  2. A cow ~ Una vaca

Good Luck! ~ Buena Suerte!

[the numbers aren't working for me, sorry]

[I can't put this in the Spanish forum because the menu doesn't show Spanish. So, let's make this for everyone.]

June 1, 2017



I don't really need any lingots, I just think this is fun.


A common insect:

a mosquito - un țânțăr

Something from the beach:

sand, water, umbrellas - nisip, apă, umbrele

Nation where Spanish is the majority language:

...Spain - Spania :D

What color is your hat:

I have a white hat - am o pălărie albă

A farm animal:

a cow, a goat or a donkey - o vacă, o capră sau un măgar


Wow, have you completed the Romanian tree? You might be the first person I've seen to do that haha


I have completed it. I am surely not the only one, but it is definitely one of the languages that hasn't been completed that much. It is in beta, though, so that's to be expected!

It's a lovely language and I advise anyone who considers it to try it out :)


Once I get to a suitable point in the others I'll start it out. I did the basics for a bit but I think I did a clean up of all the languages I wasn't using much, but I may give it a go soon.


I am just starting out on Norwegian, which I see is your main course. Hopefully I can finish that tree as well :)


I've been going at it a while, it's a long tree but it's a great language too so hopefully I'll complete it. Good luck! After that you should try the other Nordic languages, because they'll be really easy since they're mutually intelligible.


Thank you for your answers.


My Langugae: English/Engelsk

Target language: Norwegian/Norsk

A common insect/En alminnelig insekt

An ant/En maur

Something from the beach. Noe fra stranden.


Nation where Spanish is the majority language. Land hvor spansk er flerspråklig.


What color is your hat? Hva farg er hatten din?

I have a green and yellow hat/Jeg har en grønn og gul hat.

A farm animal. Et gårdsdyr

A chicken/En kylling.

Had to find out what some of the more complicated question words (eg. flerspråklig) were but I had the answers at least.


How do you say, well done, in Bokmal?

Spiders are actually arachnids, not insects...


Oh yeah, you're right. I forgot about that. I'll change it haha.

Well done is 'bra gjort' which I see now does literally mean 'well done'.


I'm not entirely sure, you could probably say 'Det er godt!' (that is good), but I haven't come across 'well done' yet. I'll find out!


Esto parece divertido! Disculpe mis errores; español no es mi lengua materna.

This seems fun! Excuse my mistakes; Spanish is not my mother tongue.

A common insect.

  • una abeja

  • a bee

Something from the beach.

  • un tiburón varado (I had to look this one up.)

  • a beached shark

Nation where Spanish is the majority language.

  • Cuba

  • Cuba

What color is your hat?

  • No llevo sombreros

  • I don't wear hats

A farm animal.

  • una caballo

  • a horse

No necesito lingots :)


¡Gracias! ¿Español es tu lengua materna?


No, estoy aprendiendo espa(n)ol.


1; mariposa 2; salvavidas 3; Mexico 4; rojo y blanco 5; el pollo 1; butterflies 2; lifeguard 3. Mexico 4; red and white 5. the chicken


Good Job! ~ Bien Hecho!

Good Answers! ~ Buenas Respuestas!


That's actually a nice and quick exercise.

I finished German some years ago, let's see what I remember. Also not practicing French since ages. Last one is my native Italian.

A common insect:

The mosquito/fly, die Fliege, la mouche, la mosca.

The bee, die Biene, l'abeille, l'ape.

Something from the beach.

The sand, der Sand, le sable, la sabbia.

Nation where Spanish is the majority language.

Spain, Spanien, Espagne, Spagna.

What color is your hat?

Blue, blau, bleu, blu.

A farm animal.

The cow, die Kuh, la vache, la mucca.

The horse, das Pferd, le cheval, il cavallo.

The duck, die Ente, le canard, l'anatra.


As far as I know, a mosquito is "Mücke" oder "Stechmücke" in German.


English - Polski - 日本語 (nihongo/Japanese)

  1. mosquito - komar - 蚊 (ka)

  2. shell - muszla - 貝 (kai)

  3. Argentina - Argentyna - アルゼンチン (Aruzenchin)

  4. I don´t have a hat. - Nie mam kapelusz. - 帽子を持っていない。(Bōshi wo motte inai)

  5. horse - koń - 馬 (uma)



  1. a fly - una mosca
  2. water - agua
  3. Ecuadooor
  4. black - negro
  5. a sheep - una oveja

  1. A common insect- cockroach or "cucaracha"
  2. Something from the beach- umbrella or "paragua"
  3. Nation where Spanish is the majority language- Colombia (same in spanish)
  4. What color is your hat?- I am wearing a white hat or "Yo llevo un sombero blanco"
  5. A farm animal- pig or "cerdo"


Bien Hecho, pero no olvida la "s" en paraguaS.


¿Por qué "los paraguas" tienen ser un plural? Disculpe mí, mi español es malo...


Tu espa(n)ol is getting better every day.

La palabra, "paragua" no existe en espa(n)ol. I think of it like the word pants/pantalones.

The common insect I chose also ends with an, s, even when singular. Saltamontes(grasshopper/hilljumper)


A common insect. Муха - обычное насекомое.

Something from the beach. Что-то с пляжа: полотенце.

Nation where Spanish is the majority language. Испанский - это язык Испании.

What color is your hat? Какой цвет твоя шапка? Моя шапка - жёлтая.

A farm animal. Курица.

Corrections are welcome :)

  1. Dragonfly ~ Libélula
  2. Sea Turtles ~ Tortugas Marinas
  3. Dominican Republic ~ República Domicicana
  4. I don't have a hat, but I have a cap. My cap is red. No tengo un sombero sino tengo una gorra. Mi gorra es roja.
  5. Goat ~ la capra


i enjoy your answers but is this a contest? ive never seen a post from u befor


It isn't really a contest. I'll give 3 lingots to anyone who tries to answer all 5, right or not.


oh..well im not good at spanish

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