Rock, Röcke, Röcken

Rock in german means skirt. So when should I use Rocke and Röcken? Google translate says all three of these words are actual words. Help?

June 1, 2017


Just to complete the discussion, all nouns in the dative plural add -n. Exceptions are plurals that already end with -n and those that form their plural with -s.

die Röcke -> den Röcken die Frauen -> den Frauen die Autos -> den Autos

June 1, 2017

Hi Mattias

ein (der) Rock = the (the) skirt

mehrere (die) Röcke = several (the)skirts

A example sentence for "Röcken". Ich nahm die Knöpfe von den Röcken = I took the buttons from the skirts.

But i am sure someone else can explain the grammatical rule for "Röcken".

June 1, 2017

"Röcken" is Dativ Plural. The form of the word changes, but the meaning remains the same. The overall declination of "der Rock" would be:


Nominativ: der Rock (Eg.: "Der Rock ist schön." - "The skirt is beautiful.")

Genitiv: des Rocks/ des Rockes (Eg.: "Der Knopf des Rocks ist schön." - "The skirt's button is beautiful.")

Dativ: dem Rock/ dem Rocke (Eg.: "Ich habe den Knopf von dem Rock genommen." - "I took the button from the skirt.")

Akkusativ: den Rock (Eg.: "Ich mag den Rock." - "I like the skirt.")


Nominativ: die Röcke (Eg.: "Die Röcke sind schön." - "The skirts are beautiful.")

Genitiv: der Röcke (Eg.: "Die Knöpfe der Röcke sind schön schön." - "The skirts' buttons are beautiful.")

Dativ: den Röcken (Eg.: "Ich habe die Knöpfe von den Röcken genommen." - "I took the buttons from the skirts.")

Akkusativ: die Röcke (Eg.: "Ich mag die Röcke." - "I like the skirts.")

I hope that helps. :)

June 1, 2017

in your nice example "Ich nahm die Knöpfe von den Röcken" Röcken is Dativ (plural)

June 1, 2017

To add to what other people have already said you can find noun forms on Here's what it has for Rock:-

June 1, 2017
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