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Chrome resets exercise while in comment tabs

I was happy with comments in new tabs but I just lost an exercise progress while reading a comment tab, because - like SprightBark pointed out elsewhere - Chrome/Android reloads the main tab after some time.

Maybe there is a setting to prevent that behaviour via URL chrome://flags but I didn't find the sections mentioned by others on the WWW.

Maybe it is related to chrome://flags/#disable-pull-to-refresh-effect (page reload when exercise page is dragged/scrolled down to far) - but I don't think I did that.

June 1, 2017



my google chrome SUCKS, it is laggy and it takes forever to open up. so i just use fire fox


Don't know much about the issue. I use Chrome and haven't had this happen. In fact, I've even accidentally had two learning sessions open at once when I'd forgotten about the first one. (fwiw, Duo responds fine to this when I've gone back to finish the first one I had open)

Maybe this might help? https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/NzVRmfeHK44


Thanks, I've been on that page, and

I don't find the option chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding on Chrome 58 on Android/Lineage

chrome://flags/#enable-offline-auto-reload had already been diabled when my problem occured

However, I will try out disabling chrome://flags/#disable-pull-to-refresh-effect

On the other hand, I noticed a new behaviour of Duolingo yesterday: The comment tabs start in a new app "window" (Android!) now. The first time (during my problem), they appeared in the original one which I opened via direct URL shortcut icon (where Chrome starts full screen with no menu/tab strip to begin with).

Right now, no problems with auto-refresh, but I cannot start a new discussion from within an exercise (for no new tab will open) only join existing ones - but I will make that a different topic. Here this is just to say, that the Duolingo web implementation appears to keep changing as we speak...


I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused ! I probably have a messy browser set-up: It is not clear to me what browser I am actually in when I open Duolingo from the start screen short cut because it appears alongside all other browser apps (Chrome, Opera, and built-in Lineage) and has just the Duolingo logo and no menu features. So maybe this whole issue is not relevant for others.

(Other issues I have reported are from within a definite browser setting, and I will not report issues originating from my weird start page short cut...)

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