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Change from newer to older version?

After using the site for 3 months, DuoLingo suddenly seems to have changed me from what appears to be a newer version to an older one. I also went from an ad-free version to one with ads. This "update" doesn't seem to work as well, is slower, opens the discussion in a separate window, etc.

Is this something that happens to everyone after a few months of use? Did the site just change versions? Anyone know what's going on?


June 1, 2017



The site changed versions. Sadly, the ads are necessary for Duolingo to keep the site running. I'm not sure why discussions open in a separate window now, but overall the site is supposed to be faster because it was completely rebuilt. It seems possible that the site was slow for you because of something temporary or something completely different.


Duo is slowly changing all users to the new version. They say it's faster and from some of the technical discussion I came across it probably is faster on their servers but that doesn't automatically mean we will see an improvement on our end. They also ended at least temporarily some features that people liked like progress quizzes but I suspect they will eventually come back after they get everything settled


As great as the rewrite was, everything has been going downhill after they got rid of streams. I think most of us just want streams, immersion, and everything back.


Thanks for your responses! I don't know what streams are, but in my opinion, the update is worse, much less elegant and for some reason seems slower to me. :(

As for profitability, I have no idea... does it really need the ads?? https://techcrunch.com/2015/06/10/duolingo-raises-45-million-series-d-round-led-by-google-ventures-now-valued-at-470m/


You're definitely not the first person to mention that the new, supposedly faster, site actually runs slower.

I'm sure those funding rounds were based on the premise that eventually Duo would turn a profit, which at least up to now it hasn't :)


Thanks for your response piguy3!! :) Let's hope it improves...

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