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"Well then, can I get bread, please?"


June 2, 2017



There's a bug here, because I can't type the smaller や (ya) character, so Duolingo keeps marking it wrong and I can't finish the lesson!


That's definitely not a bug. In modern Japanese it must be written with a small ゃ rather than a full size や, else it is wrong.

ji + small ゃ ya = ja sound

じゃあ = jaa
じやあ = jiyaa

Are you typing it with a keyboard or on your phone touchscreen? If you're typing it on your keyboard with "romaji input" (you type romaji and it turns into hiragana), then simply type the word the way I've spelt the sounds.

If you type ja it will output「じゃ」.

** Edit **
Also, if want to type the small symbol on its own, type it with an x in front.

ya = や (full size)
xya = ゃ (small)


Also, if the user uses a tenkey-like input on phone touchscreen, there is usually a small button probably combines dakuten (゛), han-dakuten (゜), chooon-bar (ー), and / or the 'shrink' operator (小). Find the kanji 小. Type a normal-size や and press the 小 button, and get a small ゃ.


Duolingo is asking you to type hiragana? For me I'm getting multiple choice all the time.


This is with doing the course on web rather than the app. The course isn't officially released on web yet, however it's still pretty good in its current state. It wasn't even all that bad over two months ago, back when people discovered the trick to access it on web! I have a 63 day streak with just doing the Japanese course on web — I haven't used any of the apps or started doing any other trees on this account. ^^

The web version is just not very suitable for beginners, as they haven't yet added whatever it is that's causing the delay of it being officially released.


That explains why I've seen it pop up on web while on Duolingo on both the app and PC.


It is so inconsistent on when to add o.


Your reply helped. I can type the smaller ya by adding j in front of it. じゃ I was trying to do it on my laptop with the MacOSX keyboard.



If I use お願いします instead of 下さい, should I use を or not? My understanding is the pattern is Xお願いします and Xを下さい, but duo corrected my パンお願いします to パンをお願いします. Can someone clarify?


wrote "じ ゃ あ, パ ン を く だ さ い, お ね が い", but it's wrong, then why at the end of the sentence is Please, which is お ね が い?


I don't really understand じゃあ. Is it just a pause word? Casual? Formal? I think the "well then" translation is throwing me...

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