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Can't share on Facebook

When my wife learns a new skill or level up, she clicks the share to Facebook button, but then nothing happens - it doesn't share, and there's also no error message. Any ideas why this might be? It works fine for me when I share, so it's not some kind of problem with our network. She's on Firefox on Windows XP.

Thanks for any help you can give. :)

March 20, 2014



Happens to me on IE11 and Firefox on Windows 8.1 too. Has been that way ever since the change to the new Duolingo look.


Same problem here . . . I click on share and see "Share on Twitter" "Share on Facebook" and a check box for "Automatically Share on Facebook" but neither of those links nor the check box does anything at all . . . can't click on them, can't check the box . . . Nothing. And yes, since the new Duolingo look . . . which was supposed to be all about connecting with Facebook. What gives???

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