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Review Button is take out after updated?

I am DUO web version user, yesterday found out there was many thing changed on UI, like no more friend list, activity stream permanent took out, hover mouse to XP bar no more show out the daily XP & etc.

But one things is the REVIEW button is also take out, that is the good things we can review our mistake & our result every time we finished a lesson, I do not understand why this function is no more available? Is it because of Duo server really can't afford this function anymore? =(

June 2, 2017



I too would like the Review Lesson back!


I don't know about the "review lesson" button being gone, though I'm sure there is a good reason for it. But in Firefox (which I use) my XP still shows when I hover over the points on the graph, so I think that at least you may be safe in keeping this particular function for a while longer. ;)


I'm chrome user, it does not show when I hover mouse to the graph point, even the firefox also same when I tried just now. =(


Oh dear. Perhaps my computer just got lucky then. :/ In that case I wish you luck in finding it again. And your other missing pieces too.


According to this thread, it just hasn't been ported to the new site yet, but should be back soon! :)


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