"Tính nhân đạo giúp con người sống tốt."

Translation:The humanity helps humans live well.

June 2, 2017


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DL insists on "the humanity" but "the humanity" is not what we say in English. "Humanity" is correct.

June 9, 2017


I've never seen "the humanity" used this way before. This sentence makes no sense to me. Maybe "compassion" would be a better translation than "humanity."

August 13, 2017


definitely not the correct English translation! One would never say it like that.

January 13, 2018


This is bad English. It should be simply "humanity" without the article

February 11, 2018


in the other sentence, it had to be gíup đở, so there is some inconsistency here.

June 2, 2017

[deactivated user]

    Giúp đở is used when you help some else, hence there's "Tự giúp mình đi" (help yourself), but "tự giúp đở mình đi" sounds pretty odd.

    June 2, 2017



    June 7, 2017


    Try translating "The use of the is completely different between english and vietnamese"

    January 31, 2019


    There is no "the" in Vietnamese.

    January 31, 2019


    What is the meaning of "humanity" here?

    In English, the most common usage would be as a noun, as a synonym for "humankind", but in this sentence the inferred meaning seems to be "treating people decently", or "treating people with consideration and kindness", etc. I say this as I would guess using "tính nhân đạo' as 'humankind' would be marked wrong in another usage.

    August 10, 2019
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