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Suggestion: Strengthen skills algorithm


i would like to suggest a feature to how the strengthen skills button works. right now on the german course (i'll use it as an example) you have 6 checkpoints which makes up for 8 "sections", so to speak. each section has a number of dots, or eggs whatever they're called, that after a certain period after you completed it expires and you have to strengthen the skill in order to show up in golden again. right now if let's say you complete 4 sections and each section has 20 points, by the time you reached the 20 egg in the 4th section you have to strengthen the previous eggs otherwise they decrease more and more in skill. but if you start doing that it will take a while and by the time you strengthened your skills halfway through (that means you completely strengthened your second section) your 3rd and 4th sections would have completely expired by now. on top of that, duolingo, when you press strengthen skills, it picks up the earliest skill you have that is not completely golden.

my suggestion is to make the strengthen skills button pick up the least strengthened skill instead of the earliest one cuz this way you get to practice the later skills as well not just the earliest ones over and over.

hope i made myself clear, thanks

June 2, 2017



While I like your idea, and I agree with it, I have read several times in this forum, that choosing a specific skill and strengthening it is much more effective. I can also confirm this with my own practice.


it's true but it's slightly more time consuming and in the long run (especially with german) it sets you back quite a lot. unless they can't/won't implement it that is in fact the closest thing we got.

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