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Strenghten skills is too easy

I know that Duolingo is supposed to use a mathematical model to decide which lessons I need to repeat to maximize my learning, however most of the times I feel the lessons it chooses are too easy for me.

Most of the time when I want to practice Duolingo will give me a lesson from the first part of the tree (the first half, broadly speaking), while later lessons almost never show up even though I actually have forgotten them.

The end result is that the basic lessons are always very solid (with a full bar) while the upper part of my tree is always full of empty bars that are never filled unless I manually choose to strenghten those skills.

Anyone else feels the same?

June 2, 2017



In another thread, a user has noticed that Duolingo chooses the first lesson that does not have a complete bar. IMHO, it would be more effective if it chose the lesson with the emptiest bar (i.e, the lesson that you have forgotten the most) instead of the current system (the oldest lesson you don't remember completely).


The same for me. I've started learning German not so long ago, and right now I have three "units" (parts divided by checkpoints) completed. I haven't been given anything from the second unit to repeat, even though the obviously easiest first unit loses strength at a ridiculous speed. This is very annoying.


Same here..it gets to me actually


To everyone interested, I hacked together a quick chrome extension that fixes this problem. It implements my suggestion to choose the skill that has the lowest strength value. It is called "Smarter Duo" and you can download it from the chrome web store. https://goo.gl/gDTRw5

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