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  5. "Jeg spurgte ham da han kom."

"Jeg spurgte ham da han kom."

Translation:I asked him when he arrived.

June 2, 2017



So this means that I asked him some (presumably previously discussed) question at the time he arrived, and NOT that I had asked him the question of 'when did you arrive?', right? How would one say 'I asked him when did he arrive'?


Yes, it means you asked him a question upon his arrival.

I asked him when he arrived (in the sense you're talking about)→ Jeg spurgte ham hvornår han kom OR Jeg spurgte ham; hvornår kom han


Thanks ariel. It makes sense when I see it written down. Now let's see if my mind can remember. :)


what's the difference between når and da?


Når → situations in the future/repeated actions in the past (ex: 1. Kan du hente nogle jordbær når du kommer hjem?, 2. Jeg gik forbi supermarkedet mange gange når jeg skulle på arbejde)

Da → situations in the past (ex: da jeg var yngre, spiste jeg lidt)


Is da pronounced the same as der?


Når han kom means "arrived" and is the same as "when he came"; but the answer "when he came is rejected".

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