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Hey Duolingo staff! You need an IGNORE button for broken test items.

I just experienced a question that no matter what I answered, it would not accept my solution. I had to quit the lesson because of this because I could not proceed. It kept showing me the same broken question over and over. I even tried cutting and pasting the exact solution displayed by the system as the correct answer and it still wouldn't accept it. I have reported the question twice. (The broken question for those interested was to translate the following: "Come again?"). If you check the discussion thread for this question you will see this is happening to other people as well.

I could use the SKIP button but the system immediately showed the same broken question again. You need an IGNORE FOR THIS SESSION button so in case this happens, the user is not completely unable to finish the lesson. Otherwise not only are they stopped from completing the lesson, they can't proceed with their studies because subsequent lessons are not available until previous ones are accepted.

June 2, 2017



Pay attention that it mabye asks you to write it in the foreign language and not to translate. It sounds exectly like an issue I had once. I just didn't pay enough attention what the exercise really reqested of me. That's why copying the answer from the bottom doesn't solve it.


How did you translate "Come again?". Did you translate it as "Wie bitte?".

I ask this, because I've had this lesson work for me every time. Also, I've been using Duolingo daily on Android for 196 days and I've never had anything similar happen to me.

It has, however, happened to me that I wasn't paying attention to what the lesson was asking me to do, so when asked to translater "Teacher" I went on and put in "Der Lehrer" and got it wrong, because the gender was not specified in the original form.

You have to pay attention.

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Yes, an "Ignore for this lesson" button might be nice, very handy actually. : ) Just to get rid of a bad question and get another question if one is causing a problem for us users, for whatever reason including technical glitches.

The potential problem with this "Ignore" solution is that fewer trouble shooting reports for glitches may come to the DL staff's attention, since after all it is easier and quicker for a user to just skip a problem compared to the time taken to report a problem.

Did you report your problem in the "Troubleshooting" Forum, rather than just post it here in the German Discussion Forum?


I've noticed something similar with multiple choice questions in the newest PC version of DL. If the choices are long, the area surrounding each choice grows once you check one or more of the boxes. This graphic effect, while cute, partially obscures and renders inoperative the Check button, no matter how much of the button is still showing. I've tried changing screen resolutions but the problem persists. The easy work-around is to click the Enter key on the keyboard, but as long as we're reporting bugs...

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