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"Az az autó az ötödik, amelyik ott halad az épületnél."

Translation:The car that's moving over there by the building is the fifth.

June 2, 2017



I hate it when I understand the Hungarian, but I don't know how Duolingo wants me to translate it into English.


Where does the 'over' come from? What's wrong with 'the car that's moving there by the building'?


------- isn't "ott " halad = over there moving . . .

Big 10 feb 19


Here is a better explanation: unlike English, where relative clauses must follow the word the modify, this is not always possible to do in Hungarian. For example, sometimes you want to emphasize the "antecedent" (referred to word) of the relative clause. So in that case you can't put the relative clause after the antecedent, because the verb comes after the antecedent. Hungarian gets around this problem by requiring a target pronoun like az to mark the antecedent. Hence the car, which... in english becomes az az auto, ..., amelyik .... This target pronoun can be dropped if amelyik follows the antecedent directly, but only in that case.


So if I understood this right the Hungarian sentence can be analysed like this:

That* (the car is fifth), which (there) moves (by the buildings).

*or is it The?


This "az az autó", without the rest of the sentence, is simply the equivalent of "that car".
This is a very simple rule: this/that/these/those plus object will be translated as:

ez/az/ezek/azok + definite article + object


This car - "ez az autó"
That car - "az az autó"
These cars - "ezek az autók"
Those cars - "azok az autók"

This chair - "ez a szék"
That chair - "az a szék"
These chairs - "ezek a székek"
Those chairs - "azok a székek"

So: "That car is the fifth, which ...." - "which" referring back to "that".
Except we don't need to do this in English, it would sound weird.


OK, I think I got it now (for the time being at least).


I think it's because a relative pronoun like amelyik has to refer to a pronoun somewhere else in the sentence, in this case az. In English there's no ambiguity because the meaning is determined by word order.


Now I'm completely thrown. Why isn't Az az auto translated to mean that car rather than the car?


------- isn't "the car that... " enough for that car (in your sentence ) ?

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That's an awful sentence in English, and don't use contractions in English please. It makes it even worse for figuring out the parts.


"The car that's moving by the building over there is the fifth." Not correct?

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